Oh, how I miss going to gigs and concerts.

I miss when every weekend bars, pubs and bistros were filled with bands, even the battle of the bands at the corner barangay.

I realized that the last time I went to a proper one— stage, lighting and a space large enough to mosh and throw yourselves around—was when Urbandub had their Esoteric album launch back in 2013, and way before that, most notably the Ayala Bottlefest back in 2006.

Now, I feel old.

With news of bands disbanding, a hiatus and a generation gap with what is happening these days, I try to find other homegrown bands to look up to.

Drop Decay’s announcement of their Generation album launch was timely. What better way to find new inspiration than an album launching event with a solid lineup?

With performances by Haymaker, Dymphna, Three-legged Men, Foc Fashion, an 11-song set from Drop Decay, and a Special Guest.

No need for a review, take my word. It was awesome.

Hopefully, these and other homegrown bands will be this generation’s heroes, as how Urbandub, Faspitch, Picturefilled, The Ambassadors, Pelican Street, Sheila and The Insects, Missing Filemon, and other local and Bisrock bands were heroes to me.

Let me share photos I took from the event:

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8461 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8469 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8496 final-2 watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8508 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8517 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8519 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8524 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8601 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8623 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8633 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8635 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8644 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8648 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8649 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8659 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8661 final watermarked2048

20150704-DropDecayConcert-ScottPacaldo_IMG_8661 final watermarked2048

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