A bag for our lifestyle

Living in a place like Cebu offers a little bit of everything. For the urbanite, the city lifestyle is right at your doorstep. For the beach bums, vitamin sea is never too far. For the mountain people (what do you call people who like going up the mountains? Mountaineers?!!??!), getting to the cool mountain air is as easy as looking up.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce the release of our new Zerothreetwo sackpack bags, ideal for a fast easy way to place all your valuables. In the Zerothreetwo sackpack bags, you can fit all sorts of items; ID’s, keys, wallet, extra clothes, portable speakers, secret stash of candy that you don’t want your sister to find, the list goes on. Wherever you plan to go, bring it with you.

14 x 17 inches
Drawstring bag
Bull twill black with nylon cord
Made in Cebu, Philippines

You can pre-order the items from this collection at a discounted price. Pre-order period ends on March 28, 2016. Soon after pre-order period ends, we will be delivering your orders. Then price reverts to regular price.

Available at the Assembly Online.

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