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2016 was an awesome time to be a foodie in Cebu.

It didn’t matter if it was a fancy restaurant or a hole-in-the-wall; they popped up like mushrooms all over the metro. Old favorites were rediscovered. New tastes and concepts were introduced to a very eager (and hungry) crowd. Suddenly, there were more places to hang out with friends and dates. Coffee is slowly becoming an art form (as it should!). Needless to say, our feeds were filled with various degrees of #foodporn, much to our delight.

There was only one more thing needed to complete this great year: a guide where you can find all the good stuff.

Your Ultimate Cheatsheet to the Best Spots in Cebu

Hot date? We got that covered.

Best place for a cup of joe? It’s here.

Sudden urge to consume obscene amounts of matcha? We have that down to pat, and more with our 2016 Eat/Drink Guide. It’s the ultimate cheat sheet to the hottest haunts in town.

The best thing about it?

It’s absolutely free.

First Time in Cebu?

This guide is especially useful if it is your first time in Cebu.

You’ll be able to find the classics as well as discover new favorites.

This guide was put together by three Zerothreetwo urbanites:

Shaira Berame – Foodie Extraordinaire
Carlo Villarica – Coffee Fiend + Editor
Kristiana Rule – Burger Lover + Layout

If you’ve enjoyed the pages of Zerothreetwo, you’ll know that this guide was put together with the best places in mind.



We explored for you.


So you don’t have to.

And we took the whole year to do it.


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