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Valentines day! Either you are getting ready for it or you’ll be sitting alone with no plans (eating Cheetos while watching reruns of Gossip Girl or Greys Anatomy is NOT a plan). If you’ve got no date, the worst you could do is stay home alone. Valentine’s Day is an excuse (as if you needed any) to go and hang out with friends! Trust me, you are not alone! There are plenty of single and loving it out there.

You have two options:


Invite your friends and go to a bar or establishment that doesn’t remind you of how blessedly single you are. No visiting old restos that you and your ex frequented. No places with lots of couples holding hands, whispering sweet nothings to each other. Definitely do not go to places that feel like Valentines. Here are some ground rules; no sob stories, no talking about happy couples, get drunk (optional), only stories of happy single days. You want to go somewhere packed with noisy fun and almost drunk people. You never know, maybe you’ll find another single and ready to mingle.



Look for the noisiest, most fun, most kiat friends and head over to the most obvious date restaurant in the city. Get a table in the middle of the place, order lots of booze, be loud and obnoxious. You know where I’m going with this one. You don’t care that you are right beside a couple having their first valentines together. You don’t care that they are looking at you while you have the time of your life. You and your friends are gonna piss them off and you won’t give a rats ass. Have fun. This is your day too.

WARNING: You may get kicked out of the restaurant. That’s the risk of option 2.

Really you can do anything you want. Just don’t stay home and sulk. Be happy with yourself and have fun. Life really is too short to not enjoy it. Now excuse me, HIMYM just started.

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