If you aren’t in a serious monogamous relationship, stop reading now. We’ll even give you some time to leave…



It’s safe to assume that everyone reading this is currently with someone special. Someone they consider being with in the long term. Someone you can say is forever material. First, let’s acknowledge one thing.

Discovery Weekend CebuRelationships are hard.

Let’s admit it. We don’t always know how to make a relationship work. Relationships don’t come with an instruction manual teaching us what and what not to do. You may have the best intentions, but still get into crazy fights over the smallest thing. I hear you. No one really taught us how this works.

Everyone is different.

Wouldn’t it be great to listen to people who have been there and done that? Listen to people with actual relationship experience. I’m talking about 10 maybe 15 years’ worth of a happy loving marriage. What’s their secret?

In Discovery Weekend, you’ll hear from all sorts of couples who have a story or two worth sharing. The weekend aims to allow you to discover for yourselves how to make this thing work. No one will tell you what to do. No one will force you to share. It’s mostly listening to couples and speakers who have been there before. And of course the most important part, you get to talk to your partner one on one about issues you may never have thought of.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are some couples who took Discovery Weekend. Read what they have to say.

Vicki Saguin and Ritchie LinaoVicki and Ritchie

What made you join Discovery Weekend?

V: When Discovery Weekend was mentioned as one of the alternatives for the pre-cana, my curiosity led me to learn more about it. So I searched online, and there were lots of good feedback about it. It was then that I convinced Ritchie, and thankfully, he obliged.

After you joined, was it different from what you were expecting? In what way?

R: Yes, it was different. It was heart-warming, learned lots of possible things that might happen to us in the future just like in the testimonies of the couple sharers.

V: I was relieved! Haha. We didn’t have to share to the group what we as a couple talked about. That would’ve been awkward. I realized my fears weren’t necessary, and I felt so happy that Ritchie was actually just as serious as I am about making our relationship work, and last for a very long time. Of course, we’ve mostly talked through the topics before on our own, but it was nice that we needed to talk about them again in a more structured style.

Some time has passed since Discovery Weekend, has there been any effect to your relationship? Good? Bad? 

R: None. Except some arguments about the wedding preparations.

V: Nah, he’s lying! Haha. We don’t have arguments now. There’s just more ‘deliberations.’ Seriously though, I think Discovery Weekend has indeed made a deep impact in our relationship. It’s just that it’s difficult to gauge it the usual way. Ritchie and I both agree it was a fulfilling experience, and that in itself shows that the Weekend has affected our relationship, and for that, I am grateful.

I thank God for giving us an opportunity to join Discovery Weekend. I think it was truly God’s instrument to help us reflect on our engagement and upcoming marriage. Yes, I still worry about the wedding… but the marriage? Not quite so. 😀

Jason Almendras and Kristy Morales-AlmendrasJason and Kristy

Before you joined Discovery Weekend, what were your expectations?

J: We were a bit worried at first. The thought of sharing our personal matters with total strangers was a bit uncomfortable. But we agreed to do it anyway knowing it was something that would make us stronger as a couple.

After you joined, was it different from what you were expecting? In what way?

J: Thankfully, yes. The entire weekend was way better than we could have ever expected! There weren’t any uncomfortable sharings and the “strangers” we were expecting to be with turned out to be some of the nicest people we know!

Would Discovery Weekend be something you would recommend to your friends? Why?

J: Of course! We’re currently in the process of inviting as many friends as we can right now. The Discovery Weekend is something every couple should experience. Not only do you get to know more about your partner, but you get to know more about yourself as well.

Melanie Dionson-Oyas and Jeff OyasJeff and Melanie

We heard about discovery weekend through family and friends who have attended it. Melanie and I were very happy to have joined the event because it gave us the chance to understand each other better and it equipped us with tools which we can use as we journey in life together. Since our Discovery weekend experience, we have become a better and stronger couple.

Discovery Weekend is a 3 day program designed to develop and deepen your relationship through a method of communication and dialogue.


The next Discovery Weekend will be on March 7-9, 2014. In Cebu, this only happens twice a year.

You can fill up registration forms in Plains and Prints in Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu.

You can also pay there. Payment is only Php 4500 and includes accommodations, snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will be held in the Betania Retreat House across Dolce in Nivel Hills.

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