Kids have toys they can’t get rid of, even if they are older. For boys, it could be guns or cars. But for most girls, it has to be dolls – dolls’ dresses or make up.

Diamonds may be a girl’s bestfriend, but make up will always be a girl’s favourite toy even when she fully blossoms in to a woman. Every woman adores the art, creativity and fun of playing and experimenting with colour. It’s like a weapon she arms herself with to prepare for the everyday battles of life.

That’s how it is for this young Cebuana make-up guru. She is starting to make a name for herself as one of the ultimate go to girls on beauty and make-up. Noe Mae Villagonzalo is the face behind the vlog series Color is My Weapon. Through YouTube, Noe finds great fulfillment in sharing her varied tips to look beautiful inside and out! Her vids regularly garner thousands of views.

Here’s a video on the Perfect #Selfie: A Survival Guide.

Find out what Noe told Zerothreetwo!

032: Can you share your story? How did you end up doing this kind of hobby/work?

Noe: I was an artsy girly girl when I was growing up. I loved playing dress up, dancing and singing, wearing my mom’s shoes which were oversized for me and exploring (more like rummaging) my mom’s makeup kit. It all started from there to be honest. But it was when I started doing plays in high school that I found my extreme fondness for makeup. I started experimenting with doing my own makeup and slowly progressed to doing it to others. The rest, I guess, is history as they say. Makeup and I are inseparable.

032: Did you have formal schooling for makeup? Or did you enhance your talent on your own?

Noe: I am self-taught and proud. I had also resorted to other mediums of instruction such as books and YouTube videos to hone my skills, but being a keen observer of make-up artists at work has been a great help.

NOE MAE smile032: What is it like being one of the ultimate go to girls when it comes to makeup?

Noe: I feel extremely flattered and grateful. It’s a great pleasure to help people discover the wonders of makeup.

032:  What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this kind of stuff?

Noe:  I decided to pursue my dream –be a makeup artist and beauty blogger because I wanted to help people. Makeup gives me joy and lifts my mood when I’m feeling down and I want to give that same feeling to people and bring a little bit of sunshine in their day. Cliche as it may sound, but it’s true. To be honest, there are more advantages than disadvantages.

032: What are the challenges that you have encountered in shooting your videos? Or in coming up with new looks to do?

Noe: I’ve had my fair share of “writers block” which is frustrating for someone who has to come up with new looks fast. There are days that are just off and the world seems like it doesn’t want to cooperate with you. The worst is when I’m experiencing breakouts on my face — a complete HORROR story. Technical issues are easy to fix, but breakouts are a Beauty Vloggers worst nightmare.

032: What should we look forward to from you?

Noe: There will be more spice in my channel. You’ll be seeing not only makeup related videos but MORE. The idea is being holistic and YouTube is a great way to expand my horizons. Keep your eyes peeled on my channel and blog.

NOE MAE 2032: As a makeup guru, can you tell us what are the “must haves” in our vanity kits?

Noe: You need a good foundation, powder, brow pencil and a lip stain or lip balm. These basic items are what you need the most to create a beautiful canvas.

032: What’s the best beauty tip that you can share to all the girls out there?

Noe: Looking beautiful starts from the inside. Be confident, embrace yourself, laugh, make friends, live life! Makeup can only do as much as it can, but it’s who you are and the beauty radiating from you that makes you truly genuinely beautiful.

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