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It’s 8am in the morning as I write this. There’s hardly a sound outside my window. Then I hear it. At first, it’s a distant cackling that soon morphs into a symphony of crowing right outside my window. It seems like everywhere we go, there’s a rooster.

I used to believe that¬†basketball was the favorite past time of many Pinoys. I’ve had to rethink that assumption recently. In the Philippines, cockfighting is likely much older than basketball. If you were to believe the VICE documentary, it looks like it’s an even better representation of the psyche of many Filipinos.

“The Billion Dollar Cockfighting Industry: VICE INTL (Australia)” is an honest and almost humorous look into this huge industry.¬†

I’ll be visiting a cockfighting arena soon. I’m looking forward to the experience. I won’t make any bets or anything, but it should make for good photos.

“There are more honest people in a cockpit than there are in church.”


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