When we released the Fall 2016 Collection, we realized that Zerothreetwo means more to people than we thought. All of a sudden, we started seeing our logo on the heads of Cebuanos all over the world. With that in mind, we decided to release even more clothing faithfully featuring the words Zerothreetwo.

Introducing the Classic Collection.

With the purpose of giving people a chance to represent the place they love, the Classic Collection promises to showcase our home and pride through three simple words and our timeless logo; the original Zerothreetwo logo and the Circle crest.

This release features two colors; our classic clean white shirt and a limited edition charcoal shirt.

Pre-order the Classic Collection at The Assembly Online

  • Two designs – Zerothreetwo and Circle logo
  • Two colors – white and charcoal
  • Proudly made in Cebu, Philippines

Pre-order this item at a discounted price till September 26, 2017. Soon after pre-order period ends, we will be delivering your orders. Then price reverts to regular price. 

Order at The Assembly Online.

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