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I’ve changed… and that’s ok. Four years ago Justin Bieber was an asshat joke to me, now he’s an asshat that makes good music.Two years ago we lived in my mom’s basement, now we’re living on our own. A year ago I was an active crossfitter, now I have a dad-bod. And last month I had a comfortable job in Cebu, now I’m about to start a different one in Manila.

It’s crazy how life changes. Sometimes it’s the mundane like musical taste and fashion sense, while other times it’s life altering like a new job or a change of address. Sometimes, it happens slowly and imperceptibly while other times it hits you like a train and leaves you lying there. Whatever the case, we have to accept it and move on. Change is constant. What matters is how we choose to deal with it.  

Anyway, while the world is changing all around you, here’s some music for you to enjoy!



Header artwork by Anne Amores for Happy Garaje.


Jason Almendras

Zerothreetwo Co-founder | Music Connoisseur | photography enthusiast. Follow @032jason.
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