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You can dance on stage in front of thousands of people. Or you can go outside, put on a tutu, walk to a public space, and just dance.

The world is your audience.

We put a premium on creators. We want to see you put yourself out there. Make yourself vulnerable. Create something and let it out to the world.

This is a photo essay by Monica Villarica (my sister!) depicting dancers in the wild.

“Say hello to Cersha and Ninta! Enjoyed the start of warmer days by doing this photoshoot with my talented friends.”

– Monica

Her photo blog is called Shutter Movement. Give it a follow. Pressure her to take more photos (I am her brother after all. That’s what we do. We pressure. We push. We annoy.).

Enjoy the Dance Series.








Share your photo essays with us.

Carlo Villarica

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