After the massive parties last Sinulog, it’s time to look forward to the next big event in Cebu. Well, I’m not sure if everyone is thrilled about it. If you have a date, yes it is a big deal. But for the singles, it might be a bit dreadful.

My friend’s Facebook status said, “Ingun biya sila Valentines kay for lovers, sa mga single kay dritso Semana Santa.” I couldn’t help but smile because I really do believe Valentine’s Day should be enjoyed by everyone. It doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to people with partners in life. Love in general is something we ought to celebrate. Right?

Celebrating lover’s day can be a hit and miss affair.  Cebuanos know to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can tell because traffic is incredibly heavy with parties left and right. The malls are extremely full and flowers are sold out despite its ridiculous price.

*PS – If you happen to be single, here are some Do’s and Don’t for the Dateless.

Here are some Valentine’s Day love stories to inspire you to do something special.


Ian CastrodesIt was just a regular day. I had no plans whatsoever on the much hyped ‘V’ day. A close friend of mine dared me to go out with her on Valentine’s Day out of the blue. I agreed so we went out of town. On that trip, we discovered something that we never would have realized if we didn’t go on that impromptu trip.

Ever since then, each day with her is like Valentine’s Day. It was something I never expected. I guess it’s really true that things happen when you least expect them to.

– Ian Castrodes, 28


Audrey DawnValentine’s Day has always been great ever since  my boyfriend and I got together, but my best one was last 2012. With the “Apocalypse” rumor going on, it was funny how people were treating it as if it were their last!

The Ayala Terraces was so humid because of so many people. Couples were wearing super cheesy customized couple shirts. Girls were carrying humongous bouquets and balloons as if it was a contest. The lines for the taxi cabs were so long and jeepneys were nowhere to be found which made a lot of people walk halfway home (aka Sinulog part 2!). It was so unlike the other years.

The best part was the people I was with. My barkada and I dined and just goofed around in the mall. We took a lot of funny pictures and we enjoyed the hallway gigs by the best Ubec artists. My single friends even bought us girls plastic roses so we didn’t get left out from the other girls in the mall. The flowers may look funny, but you don’t get that a lot from your boyfriends! It was super fun because Cebuanos definitely know how to celebrate an occasion.

– Audrey Dawn, 22


Micah Tan CubioIt was February 14, 2007 when my boyfriend surprised me. He sent a bouquet and a card early in the morning in my boarding house. He instructed our housemaid to place the flowers beside me so that it would be first thing I would see. I was so surprised because it was my first time to experience this kind of Valentine’s Day gift.

This gesture may seem common with other couples, but I consider it very special because of his effort to do it. He confessed it was his first time to give flowers on Valentine’s Day. He is a very shy person so he asked his classmate to bring the flowers to my boarding house. The sad part is that it never happened again because, according to him, if he repeatedly does it then the sentiment and value of the first time will be gone.

– Micah Tan Cubio

My best Valetine’s Day was simple, but memorable. My date and I went to dinner in Mooon Café, Guadalupe. At the time, it wasn’t a popular restaurant yet so there weren’t many people.  The ambiance was really nice. Luckily, I was able to get a good and private spot for us which created a great intimate feel.

– Jonathan Filoteo, 28


Share your Valentine’s Day story below. We’d <3 to hear it! 



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