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My first photography love is street photography. I still remember the days of walking around downtown Cebu taking as many snaps as I could. I even remember my very first “street photograph.” It was the security guard in Ayala. I sheepishly took my camera and sneaked a photo of the guard as he was standing right there in front of me.

Street photography is hard. Doing it right captures the true essence of a place through the people in the photos. There are many ways to do it, you can photograph scenes, you can photograph people, you can shoot from the hip, you can talk to people, you can even go and take the photo straight in their face.

If you want to learn street photography, here’s a good guide to get started.

Street photographers are important. They are the few documenting the world as it is. Years from now, we will look at their photographs and marvel at how things once were. Fortunately, Cebu has its own street photographer thanklessly roaming the city, looking for shots along the way.

@streets_of_cebu is the Instagram page of Michael Chitru Credo documenting the Queen City of the South. We are lucky to have him. His photos give a sense of the daily life in Cebu right now. Years from now, our world will be different and his photographs will be a reminder of what once was. If we’re lucky, he’ll still be sharing his work with the rest of us.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from his recent work:

The Years Is it the years That flew past That make us feel older? Look older? The lines on our Faces become more Prominent now Drawing streaks of wisdom Like they were traces Of the alleys we walked Together. Our eyes do not Glisten with innocence Anymore Because they are now Mirrors of the memories They have witnessed – The joys of cuddling in bed Giggling, laughing, crying Over a movie we both love The sadness of the miles, The parting of ways When a boat sails off, The heartaches that made Us who we are today. Our eyes used to be windows Where we peek to see The bareness of our souls. They are doors now Where strangers come Passing through. But it is the the same Years that keep us Holding on To their promise of a day In the sun, Free-wheeling in the Country Where the world Shrinks into just The two of us. *** Written February 2013 #poetry

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Badian, February 2017

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