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Let’s face it. Sometimes, the daily grind can leave us stressed out, tired and downtrodden. When you are having one of those days, just look up.

After checking out all the sunrise photos that you guys submitted, we couldn’t help but think about how beautiful a Cebu sunrise or sunset is to experience.

Hopefully these pictures of our favorite sun photos will inspire you to enjoy the golden hour.

PS – What should our next photo submission be? Tell us in the comments. 

Jop Stegerdee

Santa Fe Bantayan Island Sunrise. Submitted by: Jop Stegerdee

Joseph Vincent Evangelista

I work in the night. It’s not the best time to work though and it sure hell isn’t the best condition to work either. I mean, it’s just so wrong and all, but someone has to do it. There is a silver lining in that though, I get to see the start of a new day and that is something I look forward to every shift. Looking at the sunrise makes me forget the tough job at night, besides it also means another thing, I’m off to the pub! Yup, nothing beats hard work at night with a dash of sunlight and alcohol. Perfect combination I’d daresay, cant say the same for my liver and pocket though. =) Submitted by: Joseph Vincent Evangelista

Marco Paulo

Reflect, today I was able to experience #VisitaIglesia for the first time, thank you Buenaviaje Family for bringing me 🙂 Submitted by: Marco Paulo


Pristina North. Submitted by: lykaflare


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