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Meet the Streets was a success.

All in all fourteen of us walked the streets of downtown Cebu and took loads of photos. The best part? It seemed like everyone had fun. I was excited for this event. Any excuse to walk our city, take photos and meet wonderful new people, I’m in.

It’s been a while since I’ve walked downtown Cebu. I was impressed by the Carbon market and the streets right outside of USJR. It reminded me of what it was like to walk around the busy streets of a foreign country. As visitors to countries like Thailand or India, we’re always ready to dive deep into the depths of their streets and markets, but reluctant to visit our own.

“This feels like the real Cebu.”

I found myself saying that as we walked into the middle of the market. The streets were jam packed with people. The laborers transporting heavy merchandise on their backs. The men holding their fighting cocks waiting for a sabong to materialize. The kids running around playing with whatever they could find. The vendors making an honest living selling live chickens, lots of cheap clothing and all sorts of food even maggots (don’t ever Google the word “maggot” OMG… that was a mistake). And that naked guy with his cock hanging while he sipped his orange soft drink.

There’s no other place in Cebu as interesting as this. I loved it.

Hanging out in IT Park, Ayala or SM doesn’t show this part of Cebu. For many, this is obviously welcomed, but you’ll never see our city more alive than when you visit downtown. Everywhere else seems to be heading towards the path of gentrification and blandness.

When people talk about downtown, it’s generally with a bad taste in their mouth. They’ll probably start with how dangerous it is, how dirty the area is, and general unsavory. Although it’s difficult to argue with many of these assertions, I hope this post shows you a side of downtown that you may have otherwised missed.


Enjoy the photos from the Meet the Street folks:


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Thanks to everyone who joined Meet the Streets! Comment below so we know your handles. #032photowalk

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