A Pound… A Dog Pound?! Cebu City has a dog pound? The answer to that my dear friend is yes. Although, I think it would be best if you forget the picturesque scenes of dog pounds that we see in movies. This isn’t one of those fancy smanchy well-funded institutions. But the stray cats and dogs have food, a home and most importantly, people to take care of them. It’s basically a place where cats and dogs are being cared and loved for while they recuperate in hopes of getting adopted and finding a permanent home with a loving family. I think in the end that’s what really matters.

The Pound

Located inconveniently beside a slaughter house in F. Batiller St., North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, it isn’t the most heavenly or ideal place for stray animals. But, as I’ve said before, they have a safe home and that’s what matters. When entering the pound, you will find yourself feeling sorry for the animals because the pound isn’t in the best shape. It isn’t the wealthiest of institutions so the accommodations aren’t impressive. They have small cages, damaged bowls and the like. Some of the dogs grouped in four have only one cage. But hopefully, all this changes when the dogs get better and are ready for adoption.

The Process

Most of the dogs in the pound are found homeless, but surprisingly a lot of the dogs have been either abandoned or neglected by their owners. It’s the sad truth.

When the dogs are first brought to the pound, they get the cages located outside of the building. These dogs are cared for, but still need to be trained. Some are extremely pleasant, but some are violent. The employees don’t take chances so new dogs are kept outside for recuperation. Once ready, they are brought inside to prepare for adoption. If you pay close attention, the dogs inside the building have cuts on their ears shaped like the letter V. If it’s on the right it symbolizes that they are spayed, on the other hand if the cut is on the left, they are neutered. It’s safe to visit, but once inside, you should brace yourself for boisterous barking by the excited animals.

How to Adopt

The process is relatively easy, there are a few forms you have to fill out and then you choos a dog that appeals to you. You have to be at least 18 years of age to adopt a dog. There is also a fee of 150 pesos for each adoption.

Adopt, Volunteer or Donate

People are lucky. We are able to control the situation around us, we are able to defend ourselves better and we can clearly say what is on our minds. If you can’t adopt then you may donate. If you can’t donate, they are always looking for extra help. Good deeds go a long way. If you have more questions that need to be answered, you can contact them yourself. They will be happy to hear from you.

Contact: (032) 233-5675 / (032) 232-4483 / (032) 419-1200
Email Address: acac1221@yahoo.com
Location: F. Batiller St., North Reclamation Area – Click here for the map.
Open Hours: Monday to Friday at 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Website: Cebu City Pound

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