Obviously, ZeroThreeTwo is not the only website writing about Cebu. There are plenty of other great sites out there spreading the love. Here are a few posts that we think deserve some reading.

  • 11 “Ordinary Moments” from Cebu
  • Mdm. B. Niyaan/Russ Ligtas
  • Step Into The Daydreams of Hannah Bacalla
  • The Fuente Osmeña chronicles
  • Simple Guide for Beginner Runners

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11 “Ordinary Moments” from Cebu

“Many people I knew who’d been said there wasn’t much to see besides the beach. I’m glad I didn’t listen.” We agree 100%. Don’t get us wrong. The beaches are great! But Cebu is so much more than that. Sometimes it takes a tourist to see the “in-betweens.” We’re glad Stephanie took the time to walk around and truly explore.


Mdm. B. Niyaan/Russ Ligtas

Performance art is not necessarily new to Cebu, but it is without a doubt an underappreciated art (To be honest, most art in Cebu is underappreciated, but that’s a whole different post). Marc writes about how he felt after watching a performance entitled Mdm. B. Niyaan by Russ Ligtas. “…my mind was brewing so many thoughts; Thoughts that lead to new thoughts and questions, and questions that lead to more thoughts and even more questions.”


Step Into The Daydreams of Hannah Bacalla

Part of the reason we started ZeroThreeTwo was to showcase great Cebuano talents. We’re happy to announce that another Cebu-centric website has happily joined us in this task. Hanging Rice is a well written and legit site dedicated to all things Cebu. Here they interviewed Hannah Bacalla, an emerging photographer with very polished and mature work. Check her out.


The Fuente Osmeña chronicles

Fuente Osmeña has laid witness many historic events. This post chronicles some of those events and highlights political skirmishes that are occurring right now. Best quote, “In fact, Fuente Osmeña is so neutral and apolitical that it’s probably the only Osmeña who has never run for public office.”  Unfortunately, Fuente has been mired by the politics. Maybe it should revert back to its hay day when it was a skating ring. Everyone could agree to that right?


Simple Guide for Beginner Runners

With all the sporting events sprouting out, this guide from iStorya.net might be exactly what the aspiring weekend warrior needs. The tips might be no brainers for those who are joining the upcoming Iron Man, but helpful nonetheless.

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