Most people would forgive you for keeping your life’s ups and downs private. Wouldn’t you be terrified with sharing private moments of cry and hurt to a thousand people? But at the same time, this honesty and sincerity is what makes us gravitate towards certain people.

Like many music artists, Cattski understands the need for fans to connect, to know more, to take a peek inside the life. Now, we get a front row seat, she will be releasing a 9 episode mini-documentary to set the stage for the unveiling of her latest album called 0:00:00 (Zero).

Here’s the first episode.

ZeroThreeTwo was also able to secure a short interview with Cattski. Enjoy!

032: How many albums do you have?

Cattski: Including this new one, I’ll have 4 full length studio albums, officially. But I also have other releases such as Kismet The Singles, a collaboration album, and Cattski Ten – a compilation album of previously released singles.

032: When exactly is 0:00:00 (Zero) coming out? 

Cattski: I don’t have a final release date yet but it will be Middle of March. I won’t have the usual album launch, but I will have an album preview for the media (both traditional and non-traditional) in a hotel venue. Will update you on that because I was hoping you could be part of it too.

032: We’d love to be there! You’ve been doing this a long time. How long have you been playing music? How long have you been actively playing gigs?

Cattski: I’ve been making music for 12 years. Playing gigs for roughly around the same time, although I don’t play as much when I’m busy in the studio. I’m always happier in the studio.

032: You’ve been actively building an online audience for a while now. In fact, you are one of the first in Cebu to really make an effort to connect with fans via the internet and social media. Any takeways from doing this? What have you learned?

Cattski: It’s actually perfect for artists because the interaction is direct. Gone are the days when artist development is a business run by industry executives. Artist development is the business of the artist himself. That’s what I have learned.

032: In the documentary, you mentioned that this time around you called all the shots. What did you mean?

Cattski: I meant that this is no longer a band effort. When you’re in a band, you have to contend with and consider your band mates’ creative input. If there are four band members, there are four different personalities and everyone should be considered because a band functions as a unit. This time around, it was all my input and processed by Jad Bantug. At the same time he also performed the instruments with my direction. I also did some guitar and piano tracks. This was a duo effort and not a band effort. So there…

032: In the end of the video there was a synth and even a stutter effect. Sounding good! Is the music in the documentary (the backing music) going to be found in the album? 

Cattski: All of the music used in the introduction of the documentary is in the album. The one with the stutter effect is a track called “New.”

032: It seems like you are really opening up yourself and making yourself vulnerable. How far is this documentary going to take it? 

Cattski: The next episodes will be presented on a per song basis. And yes, since all of my songs are quite emotional, it will show a lot of vulnerability.

032: Cebuano artists have come and gone. Where do you get the motivation to just keep doing what you are doing?

Cattski: Writing songs and making music is my nature. I really have so much fun with it too so it just comes naturally for me. Not much motivation needed, probably just the fact that there is a certain “high” and a sense of accomplishment when you finish an album. It’s like a milestone. In my case, which is always THE case, it feels like I’ve conquered myself and that makes me happy.

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