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You’ve likely seen Hiphop Dance before. It might have been in a noontime show, in a barangay competition, maybe even in your company Christmas party. But do you know the origins of Hiphop Dance in the Philippines?

Ricky Carranza, a hiphop dancer/teacher/choreographer, decided to answer this question. He turned film director with the release of Beyond The Block: The Untold History Of Filipino Hiphop. The documentary is about his life in parallel with the 50-year history of Filipino street dance. This film gives us insight on how Filipino street dance has become what it is today and acknowledges the people who first made it happen in our country.

Beyond The Block is coming to Cebu through the efforts of The Arts Council of Cebu. It’ll be a film and workshop combo with the director, Ricky Carranza, himself. Catch it on May 13 or 14 at the AVR of UC Banilad. Film is at 1pm with workshop at 4pm. Tickets for both film and workshop is at 200php.


Watch the trailer below:



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Beyond The Block: The Untold Story Of Filipino Hiphop - Zerothreetwo - Carlo Villarica



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