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Best Photo Story (1st Place)

IMG_0312-2 - Kristiana Rule

Name: Kristiana Rule
Location: Cebu

I learned that there are two kinds of distance.

One is measured by miles and horizons and oceans and airplanes,taught in sleepy Physics classes. That one’s the easy kind.

The other kind of distance has little to do with the amount of space between things or traveling places, but a lot to do with missed conversations, unshared dinners and tiny little gaps that push one heart farther from the other over time. It’s the difficult one that makes you forget the all the little things that once made something yours.

You ought to watch out for that kind of distance.

I heard it makes your heart grow weary.

2nd Best Photo Story

 dapitan to butuan - Michelle Mikiko S. Pagaran

Name: Michelle Mikiko S. Pagaran
Location: Butuan City

The respected statesmen and the landed politicians said assuredly that the wealth would trickle down, as they carted off truckloads of land from the mountains. We need only to wait. So the people did wait like they waited for the first drops of rain after a long El Nino. They looked to the sky in anticipation and waited, they prayed to all the deities in the heavens and waited. When their backs finally did break and their eyes finally did give in, they looked back to the planes and realized they were in a lasting drought. So the people moved out of their barren planes, into ages-old jeepneys filled to the brim with people. Shoulder to shoulder, hot breath meeting hot breath, clutching the railings of roofs and sidebars, clinging to the cold metal as they were clinging to life itself. And out they went from the cramped spaces through wide oceans, into distant shores. And there they go, the people, into foreign lands away from family and the life they knew, into the glistening houses of foreign masters scrubbing floors and looking after children that are not their own. There they go, the people, into streets and make-shift houses, homeless in their own land.

We speak from places of small privileges but what separates us from the next man? a mere accident of birth, assigned to families that have just gotten their heads out of the water. We forget that we who sell our labor power are always at the brink of poverty. The question still hangs heavy  before us, as heavy as the air in jeepneys bursting at the seams with people looking only to live: why this poverty suffered by so many in the midst of abundance enjoyed by a few?

3rd Best Photo Story

IMG_4250 - Robert "Burtz" Rolian

Name: Robert “Burtz” Rolian
Location: Lapu Lapu City

Unsa diay nang HUMANITY? Naa pa kaha tay in ani sa atong kaugalingon? Sa atong pamilya? Sa atong nasod? Sa tibook kalibutan?

Patay diri, Gutom didto, Kawat dira.

Padayun pa ta ani? Karun, Unsa man imu ikatambag?

sa imung kaugalingon? sa imung pamilya? Sa imung nasod?

ug sa atong kalibutan?

Most Liked Entry


Name: Raul Michael Tan
Location: Cebu City

Sa panahon karon na ang mga tao nabuang sa kwarta, sa kasikatan, sa cellphone, sa awto, sa sanina, sa gadgets, sa trabaho, sa TV og sa mga salida niini, sa mga artista, sa mga “loveteam”, sa Facebook, sa Twitter, sa Instagram, sa Youtube, sa mga gwapong president, sa lawasnong kalipay, og sa mga butang na makahatag kanila og “kalipay” … Ang dakong pangutana, ako ba ang tinuod na boang? O di kaha ako ra ang tarong….

Banawe Corvera

Photography as a means of self-expression can be quite a revelation. I’ve watched myself unravel through photographs and get lost in the moment of documenting subjects. I believe there are more beautiful visual stories out there, and that any one of you has a special memory that’s worth sharing through photographs. –Banawe, Photo Diaries

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