We said that we were gonna take a little break from posting anything for 2012. We lied. We can’t help ourselves. Last year, we posted the Top Posts of 2011. This year we’d like to show you a quick recap of 2012 in the ZeroThreeTwo.

How many times do we need to do this till it counts as tradition? This is our second time. Maybe next year we’ll consider it tradition. For now, we’ll just call this the sneaky sneaky post pre New Year 2013.

Without further ado, here are the most read posts in ZeroThreeTwo for 2012.

Sweel Little Things - even more cupcakesCebuanos love to eat.

Many visit the site to check out the best places to fork over a few pesos for a good meal. We’ve been lucky to have a vibrant food industry here in Cebu. We’ve got choices for Italian, French, Filipino and so many other types of food. This year, many establishments opened that can be classified as cafés. Thank God for that. Just like me, most of you enjoy a good old cup of joe and a fistful of sweets.

Sunday 2pm Café

The vibrant colors and quirky interior of this café has made it a favorite for bloggers and adventure seekers alike. It’s hard to resist the colors, books, polaroids and deeeelightful food.

Sprockets Science

The wall. Oh. The wall. How can you not love the idea of saturated lomo goodness while having a coffee? Clearly a photo enthusiast’s favorite little hangout.

Sweet Little Things

Not long ago, Cebu didn’t have many choices for desserts. These days there are a multitude of Sweet Little Things. And this place is definitely not an exception.

Top 9 Coffee Shops in Cebu

If you guys hate people who hang out in coffee shops and hog the internet, we are sorry. Uhm… we do that too. We just love coffee shops.  We love them so much that we’re literally stuck on that sofa.

Cebuanos are a proud bunch.

How else can you explain 500 likes and 90 tweets about 100 Reasons It’s More Fun in Cebu? This fun play on the DOT’s slogan garnered plenty of attention and comments. Ah… we love it when you guys comment.

Cebuanos love to travel.

6 Funtastic To Do’s in Medellin didn’t start strong, but got plenty of Google points. Clearly, many have been looking for the next big roadtrip. If there’s one thing Cebu loves, it’s take a nice long drive to a sunny beach. North or south, it doesn’t matter.

Best of ZeroThreeTwo 2012Cebuanos love our people.

Cebu finally has a few bonafide superstars. We started the site to feature people you would consider remarkable. Meaning, worth talking about. Luckily, these bonafide superstars shared time with us and we were able to share their story.

Grilling Sinugbang Sugbo

One of Cebu’s funniest tweeples, Sinugbang Sugbo always seems to have the right thing to say. But you didn’t necessarily want to be the one saying it. That’s why the “retweet” was invented.

Bee Urgello

This Queen with only one title rose to prominence after winning the 2011 edition of Queen of Cebu – A Pageant for Alternatives. Bee has proven to be the poster child for alternatives in Cebu.

Mia Arcenas

We’ve said it here many times. No one can beat a Cebuana in beauty and brains. Mia Arcenas has that in spades. We love our beauty queens, don’t we?

Jimmy Sieczka

This post got traction not because Jimmy was well loved, but because he was the face of a notorious video depicting his dislike for the Philippines. We knew there was much more to the story than just “boo the Philippines.” It turns out we were right.

More to come for 2013. See ya!

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