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Calling all up and coming artists. Here’s a chance to get your art out there. If you are in the field of Graphic Design, Illustration or Photography, Behance is giving you the opportunity to submit your work for a portfolio review.

“Behance is a globally known online portfolio site widely used by artists and designers, they now conduct a bi-annual portfolio reviews in hosting cities for emerging young artists and designers.

There are three categories for the review, Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography, we have now started the open call for submission for each category. Screeners will do the first review during the screening process will then choose the top 10 submissions per category, these chosen participants will then be asked to present their portfolio to a group of panelists and audience. The panelists will comprise of well experienced professionals in their designated category. Each participant will only be given fifteen minutes for their presentation, and another fifteen minutes will be alotted for questions and comments from the panelists. The panelists will then choose one participant with the best portfolio.

The Behance Portfolio Review encourages interaction between these artists and designers,  it also gives them a chance to showcase their work, as well as receive creative input from professionals in the field. There will also be short talks from various professionals in the field of Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography.”

There’s quite a bit happening. It starts with an open call, then a first screening which will result to 30 short-listed artists, then finally it will culminate with an awarding to outstanding artists. Along the way, there will be talks and a portfolio review.

Visit the Behance Portfolio Review Cebu Facebook site for more updates.

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