Last week, Cebu was treated to an international match between the Philippine Azkals versus the Malayan Tigers.

In short, this is what went down.

The match was held in the Cebu City Sports Complex. The score 0-0.

According to this article, Malaysia should come out more frustrated with the results. We’re not a sports website, but we do like posting photos.

*Thanks to James Go for submitting the photos! If you’d like to submit a photo essay or story, read this. 


Walk away… just walk away.

Clear your face.

He almost got the guy in the face!

This looks brutal.


Whip it! Whip it good!

Cebu – second home of the Azkals

And he is down!

Hey! Isn’t soccer for the feet? <- ignorant statement

So close!

insert definition of person doing something… something good.


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