There’s a specific place I like to look at for interesting art from our community.

Here you never know what you’ll find. Occasionally, you’ll see something for sale, but more often than not, people are posting interesting photographs, travel spots and art.

I like to look at #032igers on Instagram. 

It’s not clear to me if we were the first ones to post on that hashtag (how do I find out?), but we’ve proudly encouraged people to post there. Aside from always sharing that hashtag on our Instagram account, we used to have a series called Through the Lens, which featured beautiful photos from our community. All the photos chosen were from that hashtag. You should check it out if you like cool photos.

One of the instagram accounts that caught my attention was @dlanyerski. It’s funny what you can do when you get bored in your office.

His theme of silhouette giants in Cebu City is so fun. We hope he does more of it.


After checking out his account, we realized that he started raising funds for his father’s cancer treatment.

“We have received the EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) test results and luckily we tested positive, meaning, my father’s body would be responding to oral treatments but are very costly. I would be lying if I’d say we don’t need help. With this, I will be posting my artworks (old and new) for sale and hopefully we could raise funds for Noy Ramon’s medication.” – Dlanyerski Zrenciokovich

He has been selling his artwork and customized caricatures online to help pay for the medication of his dad.  If you feel like helping out, you might want to send him a message. Click here to learn more about how you can help.

Carlo Villarica

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