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2014 is here!

But before we get to 2014, let’s take a look at the year we left behind. I can say with certainty that 2013 was memorable to many Filipinos. It was a year filled with unimaginable tragedies and unexpected triumphs.

That was the year that shook our grounds but strengthened our faith. The year that washed away many material possessions but was replaced with courage and hope. It was the year that awakened the hero in every Filipino.

Aside from the two major calamities (Earthquake in Bohol and Typhoon Yolanda), what were the biggest stories that rocked 2013?



I think the biggest story that rocked 2013 aside from the two major calamities was the Zamboanga city crisis which erupted last September.

Although, we were not directly affected, it caused worry in traveling to work and going out due to the fear that some rebels might actually be here in Cebu. It was also hearbreaking to know about its effects such as the economic shutdown, people left with no food, tired and fighting for their survival in the middle of what seemed like a major war zone.

It was that one event again that tested the effectiveness of our government leaders in handling such crisis.

– Nhea, Trainer



mark dy


The biggest story of 2013 would have to be the Pork Barrel Scam involving Janet Napoles and many of our politicians.

It is sad to know that we the common Filipinos who try to pay taxes despite our meagre salaries are being corrupted for many years already. While these people are living lavish lifestyles, many Filipinos live and die as a poor man.

I think this is a story that every Filipino should be aware of.

–  Mark, Financial Adviser





For me, what really made the headlines this year was the successive International beauty titles Filipina beauties won.

It not only proved to the world that we are a country of beautiful people but a home of resilient individuals with enormous strength to overcome any calamities.

– Eva, copywriter


I’m sure there are still so many stories that caused both joys and sorrows. Here’s a tip – let’s leave it all behind but take the lessons it taught us!

In your opinion, what was the biggest story for 2013? Let us know in the comments!

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