A heart breaking Sunday for millions of Filipinos.

For those glued to their seats to watch the Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 fight, it was a day of defeat for the greatest Filipino boxer and the man who was once regarded as the pound-for-pound king of the world.

Unexpectedly, it wasn’t Floyd Mayweather Jr. who threw the punch that would put an end to Pacmania and terribly bruise the pride of many Filipinos – it was Juan Manuel Marquez. Social media was abuzz with the news of Pacquiao’s knock out. No one saw it coming! We were simply not prepared to see Pacman face down and helpless in the ring he dominated so many times before.

We wanted to know what Cebuanos thought Manny Pacquiao would do after the greatest loss of his boxing career.

What happens to Pacman now?


Although his “greatest” contention will be in question now, if you’re asking what should he DO? Then I guess there are two possible things. First is to quit/retire or to stand up, train harder, be better and seek redemption BUT he has to look into himself because lately I don’t think Pacman has the WILL and DRIVE to box anymore. Basically his HEART is not in the right place. – Dr. Davy Brian Chua, 28, Cebu Doctors’ University


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He should stop boxing. Not because of the humiliation that he lost but for his health. He just had a knock out which was pretty bad and him getting back to the ring might never be a good idea at all. – Charles Cuenco, 24, Entrepreneur,(Moonleaf Tea Shop owner)

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I think Manny will not allow this one defeat to stop him from proving to everyone that he is indeed the pound-for-pound king of the world. There’s very little chance that he would still have a rematch with Marquez, but I think he’d fight after quite some time with another boxer to seek redemption. – Lyra June Datoy, 22, Tech Lead- Savvysherpa

Pacquiao’s loss is also getting flak from some pundits in the internet – Pacquiao lost due to his change of religion. This would not be an issue if he won right? It wasn’t his religion or his belief that caused him to lose. On that day, Marquez was without doubt a better fighter. That’s the only reason he lost. How did religion even become part of the conversation?

The loss doesn’t make Manny any less of a man or a boxer. For us, Filipinos, he will always be the Pambansang Kamao.  Even the greatest warriors eventually feel the sting of defeat.

Pacquiao, believe it or not, is human. That comes with making mistakes even in a sport he has mastered for years. What’s important is he showed the world what a good sport he is and that is the true essence of a champion. Once again, win or lose, he is the Pambansang Kamao – a man who brought so much pride to the country.

Let’s not forget that even in defeat.

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