Admit it – you have probably seen “No Other Woman” “The Mistress” or “The Secret Affair.” We all know these movies have the same plot; a bizarre love triangle – a man, a woman and… the OTHER woman. It’s sad because these movies show the kind of society we have. As a woman, this is very depressing and I know a lot of women out there feel the same way. It is depressing that cheating is in! I asked some Cebuanos and Cebuanas on their thoughts about this matter. Let’s hear both sides of the story.

Due to the sensitivity of the issue, the respondents chose to use pseudonyms but they are real people with real answers.


  • Guys are easily tempted. There’s a saying in Tagalog, Walang tutukain kung walang magpapatuka.”  – Ram Escaler, Furniture Supplier
  • Men are weak. We give into temptations easily and, the thing is, girls tempt us. It’s not necessarily blaming the girls, but some of them present themselves as perfect temptations that guys can’t resist. – Rico Torres, Businessman
  • It’s simple. Men like sexual variety.  – Sebastian Valmont, Rich Kid
  • The temporary thrill. They don’t like getting bored and it thrills them to be with a new girl even though they are committed or in a relationship thus they end up cheating. – John James Preston, Business Tycoon
  • Sometimes it’s just about being stupid – the failure to act according to what is right. One stupid decision messes it all up. – Alfie, Limo Driver

I wish I could write down all my reactions to their answers, but that would make this write-up really long. But my take is it’s NEVER right to cheat. No excuses. Poor you if you lost the love of your life because you cheated. Lucky you if you get a second chance. They say, “If a guy can be stolen, he is not worth having!” Ask yourself, “Are you worth having?”

For the girls, I asked them one of the more irritating questions.


  • Some girls are just really lonely and unfortunate; they sometimes find comfort in the arms of a taken guy or worse, a married man. – Cha Escaler, Pastry Chef
  • Some women are weak too. They are too weak to recognize what their worth is. You should never allow yourself to be a second choice. So if you know that a guy is taken, back off!– Dr. Cristina Yang, Doctor
  • Mura bayag Quiapo ang world run kay daghan snatchers. They agree to be the other woman simply because they are not good enough to be the first choice. If they are labelled as bitches or home wreckers then they put it on themselves. – Babygirl Dela Costa, Mother
  • I don’t understand why other girls allow themselves to become mistresses. I can’t even think of a good reason why they would do that, but we shouldn’t judge them. At the end of the day, I believe they are just hurting themselves with what they are doing. – Charlotte  York Goldenblatt, Housewife
  • Some girls do it for money. Some do it for boredom. Some do it for lust. Some do it for the hope that the guy will choose them.  Actually, there are a lot of reasons, but it will still never justify the wrong act. – Kara Zalderiaga, Heiress

Cebu! What do you think? Girls? Guys?

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