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“I’ve always thought about Street Photography more of a discipline or an approach rather than a genre. If you have that as your mindset, maybe you will be able to bring street photography beyond the streets.” – Scott Pacaldo

When I first met Scott Pacaldo, he left a good impression.

It was a quiet afternoon inside a coffee shop. I had recently interviewed him about photography for a feature, but it was solely via email. This was going to be my first time to officially meet him. I knew he was a talented photographer. You can see that in his photos, but I didn’t realize that he was all about the photos. For many photographers, typical conversations hover around the types of cameras, the different lenses, etc. Scott chooses to focus on the act of photography itself. Gear doesn’t matter to him. This is clear when you look at some of his very early photography which was shot with an iPod. He understood very early on that a camera is merely a tool. The camera is not the end all be all of photography. The end all be all is the photography itself.

Since that meeting, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Scott into the Zerothreetwo family. Last year, he was the main instigator of our Through the Lens series. Since then, he has done a few Zerothreetwo Clothing lookbooks and continues to do many things behind the scenes.

When I saw this artist profile, I couldn’t be happier. Well deserved bai. Keep shooting.

Shot by the talented Jeff Camay.

Looking forward to seeing more profiles.

Carlo Villarica

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