Women of today

As a woman, I feel privileged to be in a time when women are free to express themselves, to be whoever they want and to take active roles in society.  Women, as they say, are complex beings.

Our day to day routines show our undeniable complexity; from taking too long in the shower, constantly complaining about having nothing to wear, redoing one’s make-up over and over again, deciding whether to have coffee or not and being “emotional” over the smallest details that men usually brush off.

Emotional has become a common adjective to describe women these days. It’s sad that this powerful word has been used to describe women in a negative way. Emotion is a powerful driving force in determining the words we use and the actions we take.

How many can say that being emotional is being brave? It takes a brave soul to show the world one’s vulnerability.

2 EC Cast (Photography by Christine Cueto)The play

Bold. Bright. Brilliant.

Last Saturday, ZeroThreeTwo was invited to watch the play Emotional Creatures.  This theatrical piece revolves around the secret lives of women and the long list of issues they deal with.  It talked about serious societal issues such as human trafficking, rape, domestic violence and child labor. The play also touched on peer pressure, identity crisis, teenage pregnancy, depression and suicide.

Emotional Creatures creatively portrayed the many struggles women go through and why being emotional should be taken as a strength and not as a weakness.

The characters in this play are all women – which is actually a rarity. Six girls of diverse cultures, beliefs, situations, sizes, shapes, ethnicities – they are not given names. It was not difficult to imagine yourself as one of the women in the story.

The takeaways

Young girls and women need to watch Emotional Creatures. Not only will you be able to relate in different levels, you will know that other women go through the same struggles. You are not alone.

How many times have we heard that men don’t understand women? Men need to watch it for awareness and ability to be able to understand the struggles and emotions women go through.

Emotional Creature is part of a global movement to spread awareness of gender inequality and violence. We are not just pushing for feminism or activism, but for acceptance.

Emotional Creature

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