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Cebu has our fair share of transplants and that’s a good thing. What’s not to love about moving to Cebu? Good food, plenty of places to go and lots of shopping.

But growing up in Cebu was a totally different experience. In a word… it was awesome. So, we decided to compile some of our favorite growing up in Cebu experiences.

1. Your favorite chocolate cake was from Orange Brutus in JY Square.

I still don’t know what that stuff in the middle was made of.

2. No one spoke Tagalog in Cebu.

It may as well have been a language from another country.

3. Malling meant going to White Gold near the pier or Rustans in Mango.

My personal favorite section – the basement level of Rustans with all the comics.

4. You were shocked to realize other people don’t Tagay.

Then you proceeded to teach them how to do it.

5. You most likely went to an all boys or all girls school.

BGE anyone?

6. You can’t confirm or deny throwing one peso coins in Cebu Gems games.

You loved the Negros Slashers. Ok… the opposite of that.

7. Your first movie theater experience was either in Belvic or Century 21.

Try to remember what your first movie was – Snow White? Maybe?

8. Your first truly scary experience with Mother Nature was Ruping.

That one hit right smack in the middle of Cebu City.

9. The roller coaster in SM and the water coaster in Ayala were the bomb!

If anyone had photos of these, that would be awesome!

10. Your parents didn’t want you to go to WAH.

You did anyway.

mango avenue

11. Coney Island in Mango.

What ever happened to that place?

12. You can guess someone’s age by where they partied before.

Take your pick: Fuel, H2o, the Abbey, the Village… Bai Disco?

13. You remember Ding Qua Qua in Mango.

Or if you go further back in time, Ding Qua Qua somewhere in Downtown. The one inside a warehouse.

14. You fell in love with science because your parents brought you to the Science Museum in SM.

Remember computers back then?

15. You’ve gone ice skating in SM at least once.

No more ice skating in Cebu today.

16. Before Portofino, there was Hadsan.

Beach trips!

17. The best internet café was in One Place in Mango.

Or Sparks if you were in Labangon.

18. Dressing choy2x meant it was a special occasion.

Hitting the mall meant shorts, shirt and slippers.

19. Whenever you meet someone who grew up in Cebu, you always ask what high school they went to.

Followed by a, “Kaila ka ni _______? Or si _______.”

20. Whenever you visit Manila, you accidentally talk to someone there in Cebuano.


downtown sunrise

21. Traffic when you were 10 years old meant your car didn’t move for 30 seconds.

Don’t get us started on the traffic now.

22. Queensland was never a city in Australia.


23. When a new establishment opens, you find yourself saying, “Daghan pa kay bago.”

Then you plan on going there when there are less people.

24. You refuse to watch a movie alone in Gaisano Country Mall.

Way to many scary stories.

25. Halloween in Paradise Village.

The Best!

26. You know where to get the best lechon.

And no. Not everyone agrees with you.

27. You didn’t mind drinking in shady bars as long as the Red Horse 500ml beer was 35 pesos.


sto nino pilgrimage cebu

28. Junjun and Malu had the best chicken barbecue!

Today, we go to Matias.

29. When someone needs to buy __________, you say, “Naa daghan ana sa carbon!”

But you don’t really shop in carbon.

30. Rock and roll in Artist Dais.

Now a bikini bar.

31. You’ve played basketball in the YMCA.

Remember the rumble when people run?

32. If you live outside Cebu, you always find a way to go back for Sinulog.



If you know of a growing up in Cebu experience that isn’t in the list, tell us about it in the comments.

Carlo Villarica

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