1. Waking up

Start your day by recalling the images from last night’s screening of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Remember the aesthetic cinematography that brings to mind the classic first film: epic desert planets and hulking shadowy spaceships. Meditate on the beauty of the film, and filmic nostalgia in particular. Feel warm fuzzies.

  1. Visioning your day

Picture what your day is going to be like. Will it play out like last night’s movie? Basically, will you follow faithfully the plot of your previous days? The Force Awakens takes everything you loved about the earlier films into its narrative: a young orphaned child on a desert planet runs away from a menacing organization and towards destiny. The structure is the same, but we start several decades from the end of our last episode. Luke (Mark Hamill) is missing, and a new fascist organization (formerly the Sith, formerly the Empire, now the First Order) has arisen. Ace pilot Poe (Oscar Isaac) has been sent by General Leia (Carrie Fisher, looking svelte) to find a map that will reveal Luke’s location. As Poe is taken captive by murderous Stormtroopers (no longer Boba Fett clones though), Poe hides the map in the droid BB8 who befriends local scavenger Rey (Daisy Ridley). Meanwhile Poe is saved from Darth-like baddy Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) by a conscience awakening Stormtrooper Finn (John Boyega). Finn eventually finds BB8 and Rey, and they decide to take the droid back to the Resistance to continue the search for Luke.


  1. Strengthen your personal identity

Walk to the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror. Who are you? Sith, Droid, Princess (Today, I looked distinctly Wookie). Remember that luminous beings are we… Not crude matter. Think of your other luminous friends, old friends like Han, Leia, Luke, and Chewy. Aren’t you happy to see them again? Abrams has also given us a whole slew of interesting next generation characters, who fully follow the format of flawed heroes. Expect to make new friends, and meet even cuter robot pets (BB8 is adorable).

  1. At work you are the hero

Depending on your job, you are going to have to tap into either the light or the darkness. Chances are if you work for one of our large telecommunications companies, a fair amount of meditation on the darkside will be needed. If you have a kinder work environment, remember that as a Jedi, you live and focus on the present. No time for Facebook procrastinating (though reading zerothreetwo.com is always useful). Be patient with slower work mates but don’t worry about using mind tricks to coerce colleagues into more useful actions. The new film is underpinned by the force, of course, but like Abrams adaptation of the Star Trek franchise, it is a lot less explicit about its philosophies than the originals. A downside for me who likes talky movies, but most will think Abrams’ way of showing through action rather than telling through words much more fun.

  1. Preening your nest

JJ Abrams has rebuilt the family home as a lovely, cozy place in which you can become a child again. Remember like JJ writing, when preparing your dinner. You must keep it light, stuff it full with the old favorite’s you know are nutritious, and don’t forget to add some zing in your dialogue for extra depth of flavor. Upon returning home, it is always the best feeling to know that you are in a safe place, and it is very comforting to know that for the future films you have this wonderful place you can keep coming back to.

  1. Going on the net and using you mind power

Turn on your screen and begin to circumnavigate the universe on social media. When friends put stupid political posts, remember a Jedi is a guardian of peace and light. When you read the silly things candidates say, remember never to embrace the fear when making you electoral choices this year. Reject, uncontrolled, sweary-mouthed politicians who say they will use the force to eliminate undesirables and criminals. That path only leads to more anger and hate and will make our lives another war, more intersocietal than intergalactic. Choose the light side, even when you turn off your side table lamp to bring you back to a universe far, far away.

Feel the Force!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Episode 7 is showing in Cebu cinemas this weekend  December 18- 20, 2015.


Stefan Garcia

Zerothreetwo’s resident movie buff extraordinaire. Sober reflections on movies and today’s culture. Stay tuned for a new movie review almost every Friday.
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