ANTHILL – Alternative Nest and Training Hub for Ingenious Little Livelihood seekers.

It’s a fabric gallery with a focus on being Cebu’s first creative social enterprise. Again… what does this mean? There is an emphasis on preserving the creativity of the Filipino. Like the ant, the gallery celebrates its communal spirit by assisting others. The store has three aspects that helps explain what they do.

The first aspect is the Indie Workers Trail. This is a portion of their social enterprise that showcases products from different urban rural and indigenous communities. Currently they are helping four communities in Luzon sustain their weaving culture. Anthill gives them market access and innovation. They encourage these tribes to weave fabrics and they look for different ways to use them and make them commercially viable.

Next we have Fabric Sugar Rush, this is the profitable aspect for Anthill. It showcases high end limited cuts of fabrics that come from all over Asia. This aspect allows them to effectively continue with their advocacy. Because of the uniqueness of each cloth, these imported fabrics are favorites of local designers in Cebu. They take advantage of this and create one of a kind pieces. You wont be wearing the same dress in a dinner party that’s for sure.

Lastly we have The Colony. This is focused on helping young design entrepreneurs by providing a venue to showcase their products. Anthill also provides talks in business to give students an idea of what to expect once they get out in the wild. This expands their market reach and encourages entrepreneurship among the youth.

Check out their ETHNO line of products. You can find items such as espadrilles, tumblers and planners. Also be sure to watch out for their new revamped website which should launch in the near future.

STUDENTS PRIVILEGE CARD, For aspiring fashion designers – Benefits : 10% discount (15% if its your birth month), provided with fabric swatches, minimum cuts of ¼ meter
The Tree Bag Project – ANTHILL’s first collaboration with the highly innovative and respected fellow social enterprise, Rags2Riches Inc. They see to it that for every tree bag purchased, a tree is planted to fill a watershed project! The intricately handcrafted bag is made from recycled scrap thread rigorously hand loomed in Kantinares pattern by the indigenous women of Bangued, Abra. The wood craftsmanship belong to a small urban community in Pardo, Cebu City. They shaped these perfect cut wooden rings and hand carved buttons out of native wood.
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