The foundation which Aframe Clothing Co. built itself upon is as alive as it was when the company first started in 2005. It is still the sport of surfing that is deeply rooted in Aframe. It was surfing then; it is surfing now. It has always been the love on the tips of the waves, the feeling of the sand, the smell of the sea, and the camaraderie formed in every surf session that cultivates and inspires. 

Aframe Clothing Co. constantly looks back to its roots; goes back to where it all started and wants to bring people along for the ride. Aframe offers individuals – the young and the young at heart – to try surfing as it invites everyone to its surf camps. These surf camps do not show why, but rather how the company started – through friendship, laughter, and walking on waves.

Aframe Clothing Co.’s credibility goes beyond its sponsored national riders and high quality apparel. It goes straight down to the events that the company organizes. In fact, this was shown through its surf camps Surf Break, held last October 2009  in Borrongan Eastern Samar, and Surf Dreamz Lanuza, last April 2010. Surfboards were waxed, waves were ridden and lessons were learned. On the way back home, participants were not only surfers in their own rights, but also friends.

That is why, after the success of the last surf camp, Aframe Clothing Co. lays out another opportunity for everyone this summer, April 04-09, 2011 at Lanuza, Surigao del Sur. Welcome to the second edition of Surf Dreamz! This event/adventure plans to break every summer getaway. It is an alternative event to every plan that has been done over and over again throughout the years. Aframe wants people to not only go out, but also to go where one has never been; not only to go to the beach, but also to ride its waves; not only to be with friends, but also make new ones; and not only to dream, but also to start doing something about it.

This is what Aframe wants: to create opportunities for people who want to surf. The reasons as to why they want to do so do not matter; what matters is that they will be given the chance to. And in the end, they will [surf].


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