We are excited to officially announce that ZeroThreeTwo will be helping, Christian Linaban, one of Cebu’s budding filmmakers get the word out about his upcoming Cinema One movie, Aberya.

As some of you may know, last February, the Cinema One Originals: Cebu Filmfest opened our eyes to a whole new world of Philippine cinema. The festival featured plenty of talented Cebuano filmmakers and we were blown away by the quality of the production and the great stories. This was not the usual Pinoy movies with corny song names for movie titles.

Filipinos can do better.

Christian Linaban was one of the few in the Philippines who were given a grant by Cinema One to make a full length movie. His movie is called Aberya.

032: What is Aberya about? What’s the story?
Aberya is a trip through the seamy side of Cebu through the eyes of four anti-heroes: an egomanic Fil-am boxer on a pleasure trip, a prostitute from Luzon on a mission, a local drug dealer experimenting with time travel, and a social climber from Mindanao caught up in a scandal. All of these characters meet in the seemingly quiet Queen City of the South and when they do, chaos ensues. What kind of chaos? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

032: Could you give a description of each of the characters?
Lourd is an American boxer with a Rags-to-Riches story. His Filipino parentage has made him a household name in this country. When he comes to the Cebu, he takes advantage of the celebrity status to go on a hedonistic binge. *Played by Will Devaughn.

Angel is a professional escort with a very distinguished clientele. She cannot afford to open her heart to anyone for obvious reasons. But is her heart the only thing she’s hiding? *Played by Mercedes Cabral.

Mike is a budding drug dealer with a penchant for psychedelics. Living in the fringes of society, he finds a way to make a drug cocktail that will take him to the future – far away from memories of a girl that came in the way of his experiments. *Played by Nicholas Varela.

Eden is a nurse with an online sex scandal. Her notoriety makes her an easy target for harassment and prejudice, putting her plans of going abroad at a standstill. As her life crumbles around her, she becomes desperate for any sort of life line. *Played by Iwa Moto.

032: The storyline seems kinda dark. Can we expect a dark and gritty feel with the movie?
Yes the story is quite dark thematically. It tackles taboo topics such as activism, religion, drugs, occultism, and sex. Despite this the cinematography will look very colorful and glossy because it’s also a superhero movie. Think pop art.

032: When will you guys be shooting?
Target date for production is August. Look out for behind the scenes footage to be released online simultaneously.

032: Will everything be shot in Cebu?
Yes everything! The story is mostly set in Cebu.

Do you guys want to help make this movie a success? YOU. Yes I am pointing at you. You can help make Aberya a success. The production team is currently trying to raise more funds for the project. So click here to learn how to help. They are giving out free stuff like premier tickets, graphic novels, a free dinner with cast and crew and even a signed thong. @_@

Click here to help Aberya.

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