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That has been one of the goals of Zerothreetwo since the beginning. For this reason, we’ve gone out of our way to showcase many artists over the years. We want to show that a dream doesn’t have to stay a dream. If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and putting the work in, your dream can be a reality. A while back, we posted a call for working artists. We wanted to hear from artists who are using their skills for a living. That’s how we discovered the work of Miciel Abalos. She’s one of those artists who put her head down and did as much work as she could.

Here’s her story.

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Zerothreetwo: Hi, Miciel! How did you get started in art?

Miciel: I’ve always been an introvert since I was young and drawing was one of the things I loved doing. At 14 I was heavily addicted to the internet and it opened my mind to many things that inspired me, so I started learning photoshop. When I graduated high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but the thought of not being able to make art scared me more. I went on to study art in college where I was introduced to a lot of mediums. Graphic design (digital) and illustration (traditional) are my creative weapons of choice.

When you were 14, what were you looking at that inspired you to take up art?

I got into obscure band fandom and livejournal where I was exposed to artwork that were dedicated to a certain band, idol or celebrity. Since our fandom wasn’t as huge as the other groups, I decided to make icons, layout graphics or animated gifs for our fandom.

How about now? Do you still get inspired by the same people? Or has that changed over time?

It changed over time but most of my style is still mainly influenced by that encounter.

If you could describe your art in words, how would you describe it?

My art is a blend of music, film, pop-culture & human emotions. I like to cover a wide range of subjects & styles around my interests.

Most of my artworks are done by hand using traditional medium like watercolor & graphite but I’m slowly experimenting with digital medium.

game of thronesDo you have specific pieces of your art that you are proud of?

The recent collages I made for our group. It was my first mixed-medium personal work & the works from the Game of Thrones art exhibit     during Medieval Day last year. I enjoyed every bit of making these.

How did you transition from doing this for fun to doing it for a living?

My first job was in a design agency. I got to do photography, design and illustration. Since the scope of art and design is vast,everyone has a lot of options. They can do branding, book illustrations, advertisements, web design and so on. But it still comes down to where you’re comfortable with.  I also usually get freelance jobs through connections & online freelance sites.

What job sites did you use to get jobs?

There’s freelancer & people per hour. These are freelancer websites.

002What is it like doing what you love for a living?

My first love was illustration. It gives me more creative freedom compared to design but      over the years, I learned   that art isn’t always about self-expression so I started paying attention to design, founded an art collective with my  friends and began to offer my skills to people who need it.

I think it’s a luxury to be able to do what you love and getting paid for it. I couldn’t imagine doing something else. It wasn’t easy looking for a job as an artist and there weren’t many design agencies in Cebu. So, I feel pretty lucky to have found something that not only pays the bills but is something that I really enjoy doing.

What is the art collective called? What is an art collective?

It’s a collective made to be cool and fun (hahaha). Our group’s called BadBlood Collective. It’s an all-girl art collective with some of my really close friends. We created our own space where we can show our work and learn from each other.  We show our works mainly through social media and hopefully join art fairs/events in the future.

PS – You should follow Miciel on Intagram. Her feed is a good mixture of personal experience, art and other instagrammy goodness. She’s at @woeismish.

miciel abalos

Michiel Abalos




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