A friend told me about Gabii sa Kabilin the day before the actual event. I didn’t know what it was about but it sounded interesting so I decided to check it out. Not knowing what to expect, I armed myself with my humble little camera and 100% enthusiasm.

Read on, I won’t go into all the details about what’s inside each of the museums and what they are about. If you’re really into it, you can go ahead and visit some of them.

The event started at 6pm, but we came early to make sure we could still park inside Museo Sugbo. Did you know that Museo Sugbo used to be a jailhouse? As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by video cameras, expensive SLRs (which belittled my tiny camera), a bunch of tourists and locals, and free snacks!

We were walking around the quadrangle when suddenly the sky dimmed, the bright lights shined, and the merry making began. Cebuano songs opened the evening followed by cultural dances performed by students. I loved the feeling of the night, the energy was there and it made me feel proud about Cebu and its rich culture.

Our ticket had a map of the museums we could visit until midnight. We paid only 150 pesos which was already inclusive of free multiple bus rides, a calesa ride, and entrance fees to all the museums.

One of the places we visited had certain peculiar installations that became one of the highlights of my evening. We went inside a room illuminated only by blinking neon lights. On one of the walls, the statement “LIAR LIAR LIAR” which seemed to scream at your face, recalling reactions during the Hello Garci Scandal. On the floor, you could see another statement illuminated in red, “Dear Activist, Write A Slogan For Me.”

Instead of taking the bus, we decided to walk towards the nearby museums. This allowed us to see what goes on in the streets of Cebu at night. Unfortunately, just as we were enjoying our walk it started to rain.

The rain didn’t stop us from traveling on foot. We continued visiting some of the museums and heritage sites. Our experience during Gabii sa Kabilin was truly refreshing, reminding us of how rich Cebu is, not just in culture, but also in imagination.

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