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History will judge 2016.

Ideally, this shouldn’t be the case, but many people will think of this year in black or white. Either it was the year everything went to shit, or it was the best year ever.

Only time will tell.

As for Zerothreetwo, 2016 was a huge year for us. With any luck, this is the year we will look back and declare, “2016 changed everything.” For most of our existence, this was a sideline diversion, something we did during weekends and late evenings. This is the first time I can say with confidence that the possibility of being a full-fledged business is on the horizon.

That’s the main goal for 2017.

2017 will be about working with even more talented people, growing to a bigger tight knit community, and old fashioned grinding it out. It will be about keeping with the momentum of 2016. We’ll get into that more in a future blog post. But for now, we would like to talk about our 2016 milestones.

Probably 200,000 visitors?

An annoying thing happened in the middle of 2016. Our Google analytics suddenly disappeared. Meaning all the data from June 2016 to the beginning of Zerothreetwo in January 2011 disappeared.

All of it.

Oh well. As of this writing, we’ve hit almost 100,000 visitors to the site as of June 2, 2016 to today. So… we probably had 200,000 visitors to the site. I dunno. Can’t be sure. So… maybe. Anyway that’s a milestone.

Zerothreetwo Clothing Sold

We continue to release clothing we’re proud of. This year, we experimented in other pieces of clothing asides from graphic tees, notably bags, hoodies, and even our basic line. The feedback has been positive. The bags and basic tees will continue to be a staple in our lineup while the hoodies, released this December, have gotten rave reviews from friends. If all goes well, the hoodies will be a stable –ber release for us every year.

Lastly, the Zerothreetwo caps were a huge hit. We’re proud to see people repping the brand hard online. The familiar Zerothreetwo logo was all over our feed.

Although we fell well short of our two thousand shirts sold goal, we only sold about a thousand units, I attribute this to our year of experimentation and a pivot to a new revenue source (more on that below).

Here’s a quick rundown of all our independent releases for 2016:  

Sinulog 2016 Shirts

Games Collection

Sackpack Bags

The Basic Collection

Fall 2016 Headwear

White on White

Black Hoodie 2016

Grey Zip Hoodie 2016

Clothing Collaborations

One of the most fun revelations of 2016 was our collaboration with 22 Tango Records. This is particularly important to me because music was such a big part of my formative years. Working with Cattski is kind of surreal. I still remember the first time I saw her live, it was in a bar in Gaisano Country Mall, I was in highschool. Good times!

This collaboration has allowed me an avenue to help music artists in my own little way. Thank you Cattski for the opportunity. Looking forward to more releases soon!

Wonggoys and The Labrats Release

Wonggoys Weekend Merch

032 Blogging Guide

One of the biggest online events we had in Zerothreetwo was a personal marathon for me. Not of the running kind, but of the blogging kind.

The challenge was to write a blogging guide for the Zerothreetwo reader. I gave myself roughly one month to do it. The result was an 8000 word guide on how to start a blog. It’s packed with helpful tips, links, and step by step actionable content.

You can download it here.

Digital Marketing

The big revelation for 2016 was that local companies need a digital presence. That’s how the digital agency arm of Zerothreetwo was born. In the past six months, we’ve been doubling down on serving clients, giving them high quality content and a way to stay in the hearts and minds of their customers.

It’s challenging work that is tons of fun, allowing us the opportunity to work with awesome companies and very talented creatives in Cebu. I can’t hide how proud I am of the work. If it were up to me, I would be posting links to all the creative work we’ve done for 2016. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be prudent for me to do so.

The short plan for 2017? More work with likeminded companies, more work with talented creatives, and more challenging opportunities.


If you’ve been following along, you know that organizing events really isn’t our thing. If it were up to me, we would have a person coming up with fun little events every month. But since we don’t have that… yet, we’ll settle with the two fun events we had this year.

Meet the Streets 2016

It’s officially a yearly occurrence, two straight years of our fun little photowalk. Informally, we’ve talked about making the 2017 photowalk a little different. Maybe a trek over a mountain? We’ll see what happens.

Stay tuned.

Here are some of the photos from 2016.

Through the Lens: An Instagram Exhibit

When Parkmall asked me if we would like to do a photo exhibit in the main mall, I jumped at the chance. Right before their call, we published a massive blog post showing all the talented photographers in the Philippines. Many of those names happened to be from Cebu. We sent almost everybody on the list a message asking if they would like to exhibit in Parkmall… for free! We would handle everything. All they needed to do was give us permission and possibly a high resolution file. It turned out great!

Here’s a quick recap of the exhibit.

[INSERT FULL SIZE – Christmas party – CAPTION “Photo by Scott Pacaldo”]

Christmas Party

Perhaps the culmination of our year, Zerothreetwo had our first Christmas party! We’ve got a separate blog post with photos and everything. The long and short of it, it was a fun night that gave me hope for the future.

That was 2016 in a nutshell. The fun part of doing these look back posts is remembering what went on during the year, a sort of reflection. It’s not exactly what went wrong and what went right kind of look, but it’s still a good way to gauge if you are moving forward. I can confidently say that 2016 was a huge step for us in a direction that we weren’t sure about going. Fortunately, it seems to have worked out and is the blueprint of how we can move forward as a company.

Suffice to say, I’m excited for 2017.

PS – This post officially marks the end of our 2016. We’re going to be going on a quick break. See you next year!

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