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That was the word I was looking for as we had a few drinks and rambled about the many unanswered issues in our country.

How did we learn to just hear the news, deflect it and go about our daily lives?

These were my thoughts as we listed the many outrage worthy things. Here are a few things we talked about – the Napoles scamming of our nation, the Ampatuan massacre, personal accounts with vigilantes, GMA in house arrest, the wonderful room accommodations in Bilibid Prison… We didn’t even get to fake rice, the Binays and the stupid construction in AS Fortuna, Hernan Cortes and Casuntingan.

As a side…


On fake rice, this is scary. I don’t know if I can tell the difference between fake rice and real rice. Every time I take a bite into rough cooked rice, it makes me think twice. Is this the scariest Philippine issue out there? Note the sarcasm.



On the road construction in AS Fortuna, Hernan Cortes and Casuntingan, who schedules major improvements to two major arteries at the same time? Whenever there’s a problem in AS Fortuna, you can pass Hernan Cortes. If both have a problem, pass through Casuntingan. What do we do when all three have heavy road construction at the same time? If you want to hear my Podcast playlist to keep you sane in traffic, let me know.  

reading the newspaperAs we were talking, it was difficult to defend the Philippines. We can see that things are getting better. The fact that these issues and hearings are starting to come out shows real change in our country. But when you take five steps out of a deep shit hole, you’re probably still inside a deep shit hole.

There’s a lot more work that needs to be done. Fortunately, there is real public backlash and even media coverage to many of these issues. All you need to do is check Facebook, but as with what normally happens, we forget. What ever happened to that Ampatuan guy? Did anyone else go down for that Napoles thing? Wasn’t there a long list of corrupt officials? Is there an update on Bilibid? What are the room rates? Shouldn’t it be easy to track where the fake rice came from? Don’t you just ask the couple who bought the rice where they got it? Then track it back to the seller? Then the seller tracks it back to his supplier? Then the supplier tracks it back to the crazy scientist in a lab? Am I missing something?

Personally, I try not to get too deep into the news. I don’t even read the newspaper. I never understood how our parents read the newspaper first thing in the morning. It was like taking a depression coffee for breakfast. “Wonderful morning! Love that morning scent! Ah! Time to take a downer and see all the depressing news on the newspaper!”

I don’t get it.

With social media, the news that matters people are the most outraged about pops out of our feeds. I haven’t decided yet if I should delve deep into whatever outrage flavor of the month comes out. For one, it doesn’t make my life any better and it probably takes a lot of time to fume in front of the computer while having coffee in the morning.

That being said, I feel like I don’t know enough about the country’s issues. I only know what the headline tells me. I haven’t felt the need to click through and dive deep into what exactly is happening. I’m also willing to wager that plenty of people are just like me. It’s tempting to continue on in our little world pretending everything is ok, while everything else falls apart. Here’s to trying to learn more about what is happening in our nation.

I’m going to actually read about this Binay thing.

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