One of the best things about youth has always been our imagination. The ability to create the most bizarre and wonderful things and not have anyone do or say anything about it. Nowadays, I feel like we aren’t allowed to be creative, like there’s a mold we all have to conform to. To be honest, I sometimes wish that we never have to grow up; that we could remain imaginative and keep creating these worlds in our heads. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple for most of us. For a lucky few though, that wish is their reality.One such lucky schmuck is no other than long time friend, John Amor. This 27 year old genius has been blessed with a wicked imagination and the mind-numbing artistic skills to back it up. That’s right folks, he’s a comic book artist! And yes, we are all jealous of him. We were able to ask John a few questions about his awesome job and here’s what he had to say.032: What exactly do you do?
JA:     I draw comics and do concept art for clients overseas.032: We’ve read about your work PLUCK. Can you tell us a bit more about it?
JA:     PLUCK was a fantasy-themed web-comic that appeared on DC’s online initiative called “Zuda Comics”. Zuda is no longer active. I am currently working on other projects after PLUCK. One of which is my locally set comic called “Urban Animal.”

032: Urban Animal?
JA: It is a comedic horror book that’s set in a very Philippines-esque environment (though I don’t actually name it so). It’s about a guy who gets cursed with sudden transformations into various animals, brought about by his impulses. It’s a fun little romp about college life and… well… carnage.

032: How does one purchase your comics?
JA:     Most of my comics work is in circulation abroad, but Urban Animal can be purchased in selected comic shops in Manila and Cebu that support local books. Otherwise, you can email me or the publisher Big Ape Design directly.

032: What can you say about the “comic” scene in Cebu?
JA:     The scene here is something that continues to persevere in spite of many failures and false starts in the past. At the end of the day, it’s about the love for the art form. And Cebuano artists definitely have no shortage of that.

032: This is your full time job right? How are you able to manage being a comic book artist?
JA:     Yes, it is my full time job. There’s a funny misconception where people think the job is easy just because it’s in a certain field. Like, “since you work in entertainment, your job always entertains you, right?” Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. But like any job, it requires discipline and dedication to actually make a living out of it.

032: Most would-be artists would be discouraged to get into the field. Any suggestions or advice for the would-be artist?
JA:     Keep drawing. Draw every day. If you feel you’re not good enough, keep at it. The simple fact is that your 500th drawing will look much better than your 20th. Maybe it won’t be perfect yet, but then you can always go back to your desk and do more. When I started I would post a whole lot on Deviant Art and Digital Webbing, so those are pretty helpful… but I’ve bothered and harassed enough people on the internet that they mostly just come to my site now. Haha

032: Who are your major influences as an artist?
JA:     It ranges from Frank Frazetta to Joe Madureira to Stuart Immonen.
I’m also heavily influenced by Spielberg and Cameron films.

John Amor032: We see that you are part of this group called Tres Komikeros. What is that?
JA:     Tres Komikeros is a podcast I do with a bunch of friends from all over the Philippines. We talk about comics, movies, games, and pretty much everything in pop culture.

032: Do you have a website our readers can follow?
JA:     My work journal and gallery can be accessed at

032: What can we look forward to from John Amor the artist?
JA: Hoping not to jinx anything, but 2011 will most probably see a lot of projects I’ve been working on come into fruition. I am working on a Jack the Ripper project that is currently still in production so I can’t really talk much about it. Aside from that I hope to finish releasing Urban Animal and have it collected. And of course, Tres Komikeros will continue to misbehave as best we can.

John Amor’s 5 favourite comics:

Child of Alchemy

Child of Alchemy

Black Fauna

Black Fauna

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