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We wanted to release this PSA as soon as possible. Take it from me. You don’t want to haphazardly plan your Valentine’s day. Everything counts. Plenty of preparation is needed building up towards the big day; the gift, the date, the mood, the story, the look and countless other small things that add up to a big important moment.

If you screw up even slightly, that could mean the end of a perfect night!!!!! Ok… I kid. You’ll be fine. But you’ll need some help making it truly memorable. Parkmall is here to help you out.

First start with your story.

The “How We Met” Sharing contest at Parkmall is sure to make someone’s heart melt. What else is more romantic than sharing your love story to the world? The best part? You could win a prize too! Simply submit your story with an attached photo of the two of you to the Parkmall Concierge. Deadline is February 5. You’ll get a chance to win a romantic overnight stay for two with breakfast and chocolates. Here are the mechanics.

Watch a movie.

Picture this. The night is just right. Both sit quietly, contented just to be around one another while enjoying a romantic movie, her head on his shoulder as they sit under the dark sky. Each giggle and laugh as they relate to the movie, at some point in their lives they were just like the people on the screen. They both know that tonight is a good night.

That could be you! Free romantic movie dates in Parkmall on February 5-7 and 12-14 at 5-9pm.

Couple photos in a photo booth.

Speaking of movies, remember those romantic scenes when the couple goes into a photo booth and have their photos taken? Usually there are four poses; a serious one, a sexy one, a funny one and one with the couple staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. Corny? Maybe. Romantic? Heck ya!

Capture the romance at Parkmall’s #Gugma Photo Booth. You may opt to have two copies printed so you can have the other one posted on the Love Wall.

Post it on the Love Wall.

Guys, it’s ok to show the world you love someone. Girls, it’s ok to let the guys show the world. Take that photo and post it on the wall. You may as well share a few words on your story. You never know who might walk on by and need the love inspiration.

Parkmall’s Love Wall is located at the Atrium.

Don’t forget the gift!

You don’t want to screw this part up. You need that gift. If you haven’t figured out what to get, good news, you still have time. Visit the #Gugma Fair from February 5-14. You are sure to find something romantic there.

Listen to music.

Just like the movies, you can sit down and enjoy the live romantic music playing inside Parkmall at the Atrium on February 12-14. This is your chance to quietly serenade your lover and show your singing voice.

Bring your furry Valentines.

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to everyone we love. That includes the persons closest to us and our pets. Show how much you appreciate them by bringing them along to the Furry Valentine dog party on February 13 at 4pm onwards.

The Date.

This is the most important part. Everything you’ve done so far leads up to this point. No pressure. Be cool. In Parkmall, you’ll have plenty of food choices to choose from. At Cebu’s largest Alfresco dining strip, there is no shortage of choice amongst some of the finest restaurants in Cebu. That should help relieve some of that pressure.

Post Valentine’s Date

The date doesn’t end there. You need to follow through. After Valentine’s Day, Parkmall has more instore for the couples who haven’t had enough of each other. Nothing quite like an art show to spice up the date. On February 18-24 and February 26 – March 2, ArtCebu and Cebu Artists Incorporated express their passion for the arts. That should make for an artful date.

For more details on the exciting events at Parkmall this Love Month, log on to or check out their Facebook page.

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