We’ve already talked about gift ideas for guys. Unlike buying gifts for girls, I found it challenging. Women are just way easier to buy gifts for (Editor’s note: I disagree hehe). In fact, there are so many choices that the challenge boils down to choosing which she would best prefer.

Like most things, it varies based on personality and preferences.  Some girls even like guy stuff, but like me, many are drawn to girly things. Below are some gift ideas which might be perfect for women in general – including your mom, sisters, cousins, maybe even a potential girlfriend.



Every girl needs an elegant handbag. Unlike men, it is close to impossible for a woman to go to the office, mall or have a night out with friends without a handbag. Her handbag completes her #ootd so you should get her something elegant and instagrammable. You heard it right, instagrammable! You can always check the department stores for affordable handbags, but if you want signature handbags then you can go to Rustans. Some brands have not yet reached our malls so I like to buy online. I personally love Zara Woman bags because they are durable, pretty and most of all – has a good price.

FYI: They ship items here in the Philippines. You can also check out some sellers in Ebay. Just always be careful in selecting legit sellers.

These won't be here very long! You've got till Sunday!


You can never go wrong with clothes. Women LOVE clothes! As long as it fits then you’re good to go. Be mindful of her style. Some women prefer shirts others like flowy dresses and others cute little skirts. You can always get these items in the mall but if you want to order from your computer, you can check out Zalora or even the Assembly.

alahas by carla


Believe it or not, many women find accessories necessities. I personally know a few who feel naked if they go out without earrings or a watch. That makes accessories perfect gifts for many people. You can never go wrong with items from F21, Parfois, Accessorize and XOXO, but if she prefers a whole bunch of little trinkets without minding the brand, try Aizylim (across USJ-R). You can find all the accessories there at very cheap prices! I mean very, very cheap! The Chillage also offers a few unique and well-priced items.

For online choices, we’ve got a few lovely bracelets and necklaces at the Assembly.

dollface cosmetics maekup



You will struggle with this one.

Most guys find it challenging to buy make-up for their girl. Here’s where a little spying does good. Take a peek at her beauty kit or check magazines and websites she has been browsing.

Make-up sessions from Noe Mae, Dolled Up Make-up Studio and Jessie Glova are also great gift ideas! I’m sure she’ll have a fabulous time!



For the guys – what better way to surprise your girl than a getaway that is all arranged and prepared. Trust me. She’ll appreciate the effort. She has enough worries already on what dresses and swimwear to bring with her.

For everyone else, who doesn’t love a good trip? The best gift is to make memories that last a lifetime.

yoga event at shanti shala


If she goes to the gym or does yoga or any other form of physical exercise, you might consider getting her good sportswear.  You can always check the famous brands such as Nike, Speedo, FILA, etc. but if she happens to be a yoga hottie, try checking Lulu Lemon. They ship items to the Philippines.

Massage Therapist Costa Rica 2009 163


If she has been itching to hit the parlor or spa but never pushed through, you can give her gift cards and maybe even arrange something extra special for her there. Just approach the parlors, spas or beauty bars. Many of them offer gift certificates.

cell phone


Believe it or not, girls love gadgets as much as boys. We just love them in different ways. We go gaga over hot pink speakers, headphones or even phone cases. For something truly unique, try Instacase in SM or Ayala. They can customize phone cases with your photos. She doesn’t have a phone? Buy her the iPhone 5c or 5s!  Then don’t spend for the rest of the year.

community outreach


This gift suggestion isn’t really gender specific. It’s really for anyone.

Our country has gone through many major calamities, you could try organizing something with your community and even consider it as a gift to your friends. I’m putting this on the list because if someone wanted to do this, nothing would be a better gift. What better gift can you give this Christmas than to make other people smile by sacrificing your lavish desires? Agree?

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