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“Dancing is an art, the floor is my canvas, and I am the brush And whatever I create comes from my heart.”

In the midst of our hectic work schedules, we all need to do something that allows us to release the tension in our bodies, pressure in our minds and the stressful feeling that consumes our energy. Some people go for a long run or an intense workout or do yoga while some prefer to dance it out. According to Judith Hanna, an anthropologist from Columbia University, dancing can have an extraordinary effect against stress.

Latin dances in particular are fun to learn and eventually master. As Filipinos, we are naturally inclined to Latin dances. You’ve probably tried Cha Cha in your High school Physical Education class. Level it up and go for Salsa!

I found out about the Cebu Salsa Club through the people from Volunteer in Cebu.  After attending a number of Salsa nights in Maya and not dancing at all, I decided to finally learn. Here’s why I fell in love with Salsa.

photo 1 (1)1. As mentioned, Salsa dancing or any other dance is a good way to relieve stress. Feeling stressed? Time to dance!

2. It brings out the inner creativity you thought you never had. When you dance, you express yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you feel like you have two left feet or killing the dance floor with your grace; your movements are creative expressions.

3. After Salsa dancing, you will really sweat like a pig. The best part is you won’t even notice your hour of cardio.

4. It does wonders to your body! You will have better coordination, circulation and posture.

5. Salsa dancing is best enjoyed with good company. It’s fun when you see others also struggling to get the right moves and you eventually help each other out. When you get into the dance floor, you’ll feel the enthusiasm and positive energy.

6. Get ready for that confidence boost! When you start to see the improvements, you will be more confident and get a sense of accomplishment.

7. Believe it or not, Salsa dancing can help you develop a more positive outlook in life. You do not need to be the greatest dancer, you don’t even need to be a good one, you just need to have the will to try it and see how it goes. When you are surrounded by passionate people who love to dance and laugh, you realize that little things such as dancing enrich your soul.

If you want to give Salsa a try, feel free to join the Salsa night at Maya restaurant in Crossroads every Wednesday. For classes, visit the Cebu Salsa Club Facebook page and send them a message.



Shaira Berame

Look out world! Shaira is going to take the dance floor by storm. Catch her posts on this site AND on the dance floor at Maya every Wednesday. Follow her at  @imshairab 

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