Sinulog is over but we are about to experience another day of heavy traffic, fully booked restaurants, sold out flowers and lovers rushing to their romantic evening. It’s pretty obvious that I’m talking about Valentine’s Day.

This is another one of those days that make the city crazy busy. Not only are you guys (yes… this article is for the guys), calling and booking restaurants, you better be scouting gifts for your lovely date.

Allow us to point you at the right direction by suggesting a few gift ideas, here’s a list of stuff you might consider buying for that special someone.

flowers Flowers

This is the most obvious. Flowers are a must buy. It’s not rocket science. If you are going to get her one thing, this is what you should go with. Be warned, the prices are going to spike super high for sure. It’s worth it.


There’s a long list of accessories you can give your date; eyewearhatsjewelry, scarves, necklaces, bags, watches, etc. With accessories, if you try hard enough, you are likely to find something she will like.

Spa Date 

Women these days are just as stressed as men. She might appreciate the relaxation time more than you think. Spa dates for two are a great way to spend time together. No need to do this on Valentine’s Day, but you could offer it as a follow up date. Many of the spa places in Cebu offer GC’s and you can even setup a home service.

teddy bearSweets and Teddy Bears

If you want to supplement your flowers, go with chocolates and/or cute teddy bears. I know… it’s a bit cheesy, but cheesy is in for Valentines. She’s going to appreciate the effort.

Sleepwear and Robes

If you’ve been going out for some time now, you might try something unusual. You probably already know your partner’s sleepwear preference. You can’t go wrong with sexy intimates.

You can good ones at the mall in stores like Etam. If you are too shy to hit the mall, try ordering online. I ordered a dress from an eBay store called Love Lingerie Shoppe. The transaction was all good and item was shipped fairly quickly.

Books and Novels

Do a little research. Does she like books? Any favorite authors? Genres? For the right kind of girl, a book is a breath of fresh air. Head over to National Bookstore or Fully Booked.

Trips and more Trips

Travel has never been easier and more affordable. There are many places you can visit. It doesn’t have to be far. You can book tickets to Bohol for a countryside tour, explore the Underground River in Puerto Princesa or simply lounge away in the white sands of Boracay. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, Hong Kong and Bali are great choices.

Hope this list helped! Wait… you don’t have a date for Valentines? For the dateless, we’ve got a little help for you too.

paper flower

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