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With the sun out, you don’t want to be spending all your time indoors. Between beach trips, you can still find many adventurous things to do. Many of them happen to be in Parkmall.

From March to May, Parkmall’s Summer Festivale will put a smile on your face and even the occasional joyful shriek. With partners like the Danasan Eco Adventure, KartZone and Habagat, what do you think Parkmall has in store?

wall climbing in parkmall

Wall climbing

Put up a sweat and try something new. Wall climbing is an activity with a manmade wall designed to test your body coordination and fitness as you work your way up to the top. Are you ready?

ferriss wheel in parkmall

Ferris wheel

Romantic rides for two, perfect for deep conversations. Upon reaching the top, you’ll be greeted by a wonderful view of Mandaue.

zipline parkmall


Not for the faint of heart. Adventures junkies can get a little adrenaline running as they wait for their partners to finish shopping.

carousel parkmall


Kids will love this! You remember being a kid right? Give them the chance to experience what you did in a wonderful carousel ride.

karting in parkmall


Go karting is always fun. Bring a group of friends for the ultimate showdown of who is faster.

summer carnival

Perya games

All the other rides are full? Spend the time playing a few carnival style games all over the rest of the mall.


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