Summer is fast approaching and so does everything that comes with it; the summer parties, the beach outings, the hot scorching sun, the free time and even a whole bunch of reasons to spend summer in Parkmall.

They gave us a sneak peek into their summer plans. Let me tell you, it looks like a lot of fun. This summer, they’re combining nostalgia and excitement for the sizzling hot season. Are you ready for the Summer Festivale?

Summer Carnival

This March, you can enjoy the Summer Carnival, located at the Central Bark in Parkmall. The highlight of the carnival is the ferris wheel where you can get a fantastic view of Mandaue city. Of course, it’s a carnival so there are lots more to do than just the wheel; cotton candy, perya games, carnival style target shooting or lollygagging at the carousel. To launch the summer season, they are even going to have a Summer Statement Fashion Show.

Summer Adventure

No need to travel far or spend thousands just to go ziplining or wall climbing. You can do that in Parkmall. This April, Summer Adventure activities will be setup in the heart of Mandaue City. You can go ziplining, wall climbing Segway driving and karting.

Cebu Pet Fest

Parkmall has to be one of the pet friendliest malls in Cebu. Obviously, they weren’t going to leave out the pet lovers and their pet friends. Sometime this summer the Cebu Pet Fest will be the biggest pet gathering in Cebu. Dog lovers, cat lovers, fish lovers and even alligator lovers are welcome to join. There’s going to be pet training and exhibition contests, costume shows, pet care seminars and, of course, freebies.

Mantawi Fest

In conjunction with the Mandaue City fiesta, Parkmall is celebrating the Mantawi Festival. Everything you love about your beautiful city will be highlighted, but most especially Mandaue’s specialty delicacies and dishes, the city’s Mantawi fiesta cultural heritage, and a Mantawi Sinulog Parade.


This April Parkmall will have another surprise. They’ve been coy with the details, but if the hashtag is any indication, they’ll finally have a website!

For exact dates and announcements for all these activities, follow Parkmall on Facebook.

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