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The world is a smaller place because of the Internet, but this hasn’t made it any easier to find good local content. Frankly, there’s a lot of crap being produced not only in smaller sites, but also in giant credible media outlets. We decided to showcase a few people who are doing great things. Here’s a little tribute to those making cool stuff and not sleeping on the job.

  • Blanc – The Men Issue
  • OPM isn’t dead you idiot.
  • Aberya
  • Brave The Waves Creative Tribe Series feat. Rainbowfish and Happy Garaje
  • Old School Meets New School

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Blanc – The Men Issue

Big ups to the crew in charge of Blanc! They are doing a freaking awesome job. Their format begs to be published in a real physical magazine. Although a bit NSFW, the photography is ridiculous and the content is atypical. Kudos to the Budoy cover. It sets the tone for the rest of the magazine. Give it a browse folks. Especially if you have a tablet.


OPM isn’t dead you idiot.

There’s a debate going on in the blogosphere about the state of Original Pinoy Music. Is it dead? Alive? Buried underground? Depends on where you get your local music from. Do you get it from radio? TV? Record stores? Our take? Visit a rock bar and listen to a live indie rock band. Sounds very much alive to us.


Aberya the Movie

Aberya is a Cinemaone Originals movie currently being shot in Cebu. Stay up to date and follow them on Facebook. You’ll be treated with grainy behind the scenes photos of the cast and crew making it happen. We’re confident this movie is going to turn out awesome. Here’s our previous feature about the movie.


Brave The Waves Creative Tribe Series

A lot of ZeroThreeTwo’s contributors have great blogs of their own. Brave The Waves is Mia’s personal corner of the internet. Here she featured two very talented Cebu based creatives in Rainbowfish and Happy Garaje. Enjoy the photo goodness.


Old School Meets New School

Have you guys ever been to a photo walk? Wait… Let me rephrase that. Have you guys ever been to a photo walk with 300 attendees? That’s what the ones in charge of Old School Meets New School were able to achieve. Here’s a video documenting the affair.

Here’s what you missed in the ZeroThreeTwo

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