You know what Cebu needs more of?

Cebuano YouTubers.

There’s so much about Cebu that we know and love. It’s a shame that there aren’t many quality YouTube videos about Cebu. We’d do it ourselves, but… uh… how do you set video on my camera??

Anyway, we were searching YouTube for local videos that we could share on the site. Unless we’re missing something, there aren’t many Cebuanos uploading their videos yet. So we thought we would get the ball rolling by sharing these hand crafted digital stories to you.

This is easily our favorite video of the bunch. Makes you want to grab a pink skateboard, right? From the channel of Cliff Talip.

We love professionally produced videos, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. Quality can be had even with a little DIY. Check out this music video from Bethanyofficial.

We recently shared an article called Where to Find Millions of Sardines in Cebu. Here’s the accompanying video showing you a million sardines. Shot by Lakbay Diva.

Another one of our favorite local bands. If you want to talk professionally done, this is what you should look at . It’s on the Shuffledofficial channel.

Occasionally, we shoot a little video ourselves. Here’s one of my personal favorites. Remember. Don’t wear crocs. It’s on the 032cebu channel.

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