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Happy Halloween! Welcome to Through the Lens.

Last week, we gave fun photography ideas to shoot during Halloween. This week we’ll have a quick talk about shooting in a cemetery.

(1) Shooting in a cemetery on Undas has to be approached from the perspective of respect. You need to know that it is a celebration of our culture and documenting it is important. Of course, it’s also a good excuse to shoot in a place you haven’t tried yet.

(2) Consider the kind of cemetery you’re shooting in. I like to shoot in the public one with lots of people and structures. You can experiment with the dark areas that have patches of light coming in through the tree branches. There are lots of leading lines at play especially if you incorporate those ‘apartment-type’

(3) Be respectful of other people since they are remembering their loved ones who passed away.

(4) As with any public place, be mindful of your surroundings. Not everyone is accustomed to seeing a fancy camera. If you are uncomfortable, you might want to start by using your phone just to get a feel of it. Or better, bring a friend and experience shooting in a cemetery together.

This is the last batch of October photos. We’ll announce the October Photo of the Month next Saturday, November 7th, together with that week’s new selection.

Here are the photos:

" 'Love is the absence of judgement' -Dalai Lima " Photo by Gino Jugalbot ( @ginoklint )

” ‘Love is the absence of judgement’ -Dalai Lima ” Photo by Gino Jugalbot ( @ginoklint )

Untitled. Photo by @nyorkenshuffled

Untitled. Photo by @nyorkenshuffled

"At the moment." Photo by Mark Leo Hapitan ( @markleohapitan )

“At the moment.” Photo by Mark Leo Hapitan ( @markleohapitan )


“Alone” Photo by Aiko Samantha Arevalo ( @aikocacolaa )

"Because MUSIC is UNITY."

“Because MUSIC is UNITY.” Photo by @khristinashighx

"One kind of the perfect morning is like that, let's jump! Have a nice day everyone!"

“One kind of the perfect morning is like that, let’s jump! Have a nice day everyone!” Photo by @igorblaga

"I am an ocean child."

“I am an ocean child.” Photo by Ronah ( @rondoesthings )


Untitled. Photo by Blair ( @blairnavora )

"Sunrise happiness"

“Sunrise happiness” Photo by @chestbox89

"I sit as I watch two worlds try to meet."

“I sit as I watch two worlds try to meet.” Photo by @krishylemons

We love to read comments. Share us your thoughts or additional tips on the comment box below.

Check out the other contenders for October Photo of the Month:




Next week will be a whole new set of selections for November. Want to be featured? Post as many photos as you want and tag it with #032igers for a chance to be selected next Saturday and win Zerothreetwo merchandise for our Best Photo of the Month. Suggestions are also welcome. Comment their usernames or have your friends tag their photos. 🙂

Scott Pacaldo

A Creative. Street & Docu / Lifestyle & Commercial Photographer. Inspirations from arts,music, and films. Influences deeply rooted in Cebu + Japanese Culture. Follow at @eeskaatt.

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