The best pet friendly mall in Cebu is at it again.

For a while now, Parkmall has been known as a great place to bring your pet. Unlike many other establishments, they actually encourage you to have your four legged friend tag along as you stroll through Parkmall. There’s no better place to have the first and biggest Cebu Pet Festivale.

From April 23 – 26, the Cebu Pet Festivale will be ongoing in Parkmall. Here’s why you and your animal friend should visit:

Pet Owners: Open Forum

There’s a lot to learn when owning a pet. If you’re a first time pet owner, you might be asking yourself, “What happens when she gets sick? How do I know if she is sick? How many times do I feed her? What do I feed her? What’s that growth in the back of her ear? Is that normal?”

The Cebu Pet Festivale will have an avenue for you to ask questions and learn all you need to know. This will be facilitated by dog club leaders, veterinarians and veteran pet enthusiasts.

Pawshionista: Philippine Festivals

Parkmall pet enthusiasts know whats up. Year after year, the famed Pawshionista dog show contest gains more and more participants. It’s an opportunity to show off your prized pooch while having a little fun along the way. Cool prizes and freebies are in store for the winner.

This year, it’s going to be a little different. Parkmall is not limiting the show to just dogs. Everyone with a pet can show up – even exotic pet owners. Dress up your pets in their best Philippine Festival Costume and show them off!

Dog Agility Demonstration

We’ve all tried to teach our dog a few tricks. Simple things like sit or play dead. Here’s your chance to watch the pros do it at the agility demo. They’ve trained their dogs to follow every cue, whistle and command of their alpha masters. You’ll see the dogs jumping on cue, running through cones and all sorts of fun situations.

Pet Like Me Look Alike Contest

What’s a festivale without a contest? You’ll get a chance to win as much as P3,000 and see Cesar Millan, the famed dog whisperer, all expenses paid in Manila. All you need to do is take a side-by-side collage photo of  person and pet with the same grooming style or expression. Then post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #CebuPetFestivale and #PetLikeMe. Good luck!

There’s plenty of good reasons to visit the Cebu Pet Festivale. See you there!

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