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By the time this gets published on Zerothreetwo, I will have begun a 31 hour trip back home. Three flights and two layovers which begins in Akron, Ohio and ends in Cebu, Philippines.

As the title implies, I’d been in the United States for a total of 34 days. It’s been crazy fun, but we’ve had our share of tough times as well. Travelling as a group of 10 adults, 3 kids, 3 pre-schoolers, and 1 toddler is no joke.

In fact, this trip started pretty rough. Our one year old daughter got really sick and we eventually had to rush to an ER to have her checked out. Thankfully, after a week of sleepless nights, she finally beat the virus and was back to being the bundle of explosive joy that she is.

I bring this up because during those tough few days, turning to my music playlists really helped keep me sane. Well, that and the fact that I have an amazingly strong woman as my wife. Shout out to Kristy who manages to keep things together when I feel like everything is falling apart.

Here’s the playlist of songs I found while on this trip. Allow me to highlight a few songs. First is Lost Boy by Ruth B: This is most likely already a mainstream song, but I heard it so much it now that it has so many memories attached to it. Next is Oceans by Coasts: I actually heard this song a couple of years ago when 2 good friends (who I recently met up with in the US) got married, but it’s such a good song that it had to be here. And last is Supernova by House of Lions: This is my favorite track on the playlist. 

Jason and family.

Jason and family.

Happy Garaje artwork inspired by "Lost boy" by Ruth B

Happy Garaje artwork inspired by “Lost boy” by Ruth B


Jason Almendras

Zerothreetwo Co-founder | Music Connoisseur | photography enthusiast. Follow @032jason.


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