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Read the title.

Read it again.

That’s not a typo.

We’re giving out 30 FREE milk tea drinks from Bubbletea Station!

That’s a LOT of lucky winners!

Most of you will get the chance to taste Bubbletea Station’s Classic Milk Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese or Butterscotch Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly or Chocolate Milk Tea with Egg Pudding or whatever!

All the flavors are bubble-tea-licious!

The winners will be able to choose whatever milk tea flavor they want.

Here’s how to join our giveaway and get a chance to win one of thirty FREE milk tea drinks from Bubbletea Station

  1. Follow @BubbleteaCebu station on Twitter. Accounts not following cannot win.
  2. Copy, paste and tweet the message below.

Retweet and follow @BubbleteaCebu to win FREE milk tea drinks! They are choosing 30 winners #032contest @032cebu

Once done tweeting, all you need to do is sit back and relax. The chances of winning are HUGE.

*The 30 winners will be announced on October 2, 2012.

** Each winner will be entitled to one regular sized drink with add-ons.

***Winners will be contacted via @032cebu and instructions will be given.

****Bubbletea station is located in the lobby of Banilad Town Centre.


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